December 30, 2017

What a Week

Kitties, I had other favorite brovver here for a week.  He went home yesterday.  Regular favorite brovver will be here today until tomorrow.  I haven't seen much of him except Christmas day.  The third favorite brovver lives near by but has a family so he doesn't stay.

Mommy will be going over the mountains when she gets word that she needs to.  She has my Vet tech lined up to take care of me while she's gone.  I'm going to be sad but she keeps saying that a little separation is good for me. What's up with THAT!?

OH!  This isn't a good picture I know but mom didn't want to get closer and make me move from the window but here I am on the lookout for her yesterday.  See my mustache? She saw this in the driveway.

And here I am, holding my paws to the "fire".  A kitty does what she has to do, ya know? I was colder'n ice-cream even though the thermostat was at 72.

Mom said she knows the pictures look bad, as if *I* took them.  (as if!)

Look what she  got for Christmas and has mounted on the wall now. It's in MY room which is the room of cats.

The big one is new.  That wire you see hanging is a wall through for HAM radio.

More of us kitty family and a Kingfisher to the left..lunch! 


  1. The Katie art sure is pretty! Tell the Mom to be careful and we send hugs her way.

  2. Katie, what a happy site to see you in the window. The pictures in your room are so lovely. We wish you and your family a safe and happy New Year!

  3. I say NO separation! I hate when my human goes away without me. Fortunately, that does not happen often.

  4. Very pretty art, almost as beautiful as you. I haven't heard the words ham radio in a long time, my brother-in-law used to be into that, but he passed away in 1998.

  5. that is sweet of you to watch out the window for your mom to arrive home. I send hugs for her for when she has to travel over the mountains.
    The art in the room of cats is lovely.

  6. Goodness, you've certainly had lots of company. We hope your mom bean isn't away too long but we're sure she'll be happy to see you watching for her.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Seeing you sit in the window waiting for her must have made your mom very happy, Katie.

  8. You are a sweetie!
    Have a wonderful New Year...

    Noodle and crew

  9. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    Oh, that photo of you on the lookout is SO precious and touching!
    Tomorrow our six kitties will no doubt be on the lookout for us as we come home.
    It is cold at night, not here in Florida but where the kitties live on their own.
    Nah, not on their own - with a sweet cat-sitter!
    Sending you oodles of love and a BIG warm hug!
    Be sweet to your Mommy.

  10. Aw Katie san, separation is hard. But it’s great you have vet tech to take care of you when your mom is away! Love the photo of you at the window. Goro waits at window like that and I love seeing his white bib :-)
    Your room looks lovely. Is that painting of Admiral san I see in the last photo?

  11. Oh that is a nice artistic addition to the cat room Katie....and we think it's nice that you wait to see your Mom returning when she's been gone. We send you and your Mom BIG NEW YEARS HUGS........!

    Love, Teddy

  12. Holiday time is busy, KI. I am happy you have somebody nice to take care of you when your mom has to leave. She will never be happier than when she gets home and sees you in the window looking for her. Happy New Year!

    Love and licks,

  13. You look so cute waiting for your mom in the window. We're glad you'll have someone you trust looking after you. Happy New Year from our house to yours.

  14. Oh Katie I hope your Vet Tech Sitter comes with lots of treats and fun things. Wish mom safe travels when it is time
    and Happy New Year Hugs madi

  15. Purrayers your Mama has a safe trip over the mountains and back home to you ! Lovely pictures !

  16. Separation sucks but it is needed from time to time and you will know it is only for a short time, so many favourite brothers

  17. Well, Katie. Prayers for you and your Mama as she goes over the mts and you stay behind. God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful 2018!!!! xo Diana

  18. How sweet that you look out for Mommy from the window, Katie. :)

    We love all your artwork. Tell Mommy to be careful driving over the mountains, okay?

  19. Colder than ice cream? Oh my mouses! That's pretty darned cold, unless, of course, you had happened to warm that ice cream to turn it into a little dish of cream for lappin' up and stuff. purrs


  20. Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year filled with nip, treats and happiness.

  21. May 2018 bring you health and happiness, toys and treats, laps and scritchies!

  22. I like the photographs, Katie, especially the one showing your little paws. I like the pictures on the walls, too.

    I had no idea your mum was a ham-radio operator. That's very interesting. I didn't know they were still going these days. That's comforting to know, for some reason.

    Also, I would like to thank you and your mum for your kind words regarding the new year. I hope yours is wonderful and kind, and brings you only good things.

  23. Oh, yes, I can see you in that first picture.
    To go with the second picture:
    Your room looks very nice!

  24. Dearest Katie Isabella!
    Mes has come to comment instead of that young boy cat. He is sleeping the day away now that our Mommy has gone back to work. Hes a good boy but he so loves to torment poor Kozmo. Kozmo has asked me st tell yous he LOVED kissing yous on New Years Eve (More information than mes wanted to knows) but mes was kissing ALL the man cats here over the bridge at midnight and midnight lasted 25 hours up here! It started in New Zealand and then went round the world. Mes danced the heels off my favorite red shoes!
    And Katie, yous looks purrticularly marvelous in your photos today! Almost as fabuluishoud as yous does in real life!
    Mes send yous and your Mommy MANY MANY Angel Nellie Kisses!!!
    Yours forever Nellie Bellie


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