November 28, 2017

Comcast Problems and Now Word Press Problems

Kitties, I can't post a comment to any Word Press blog unless something changes.  It keeps saying I am trying to make a comment as a google user, which is true and has never been an issue...till now.  It keeps saying my password is wrong for Google...No matter how often we re-log into my account, the Google one, WP keeps saying I am not who I am.   But things go well on all the Google kitty blogs.  Go figure.  I honestly don't think it's a hack.  I think it's a WP problem.  So please forgive me for not commenting on the WP bloggies just now. 

Also, because of appointments this entire week, I cannot call Comcast to help with the connection problem as mommy won't be here much.  I hope it will be fine next week.

Mommy had the steamer folks in.  I hated it.  It's wet!


  1. Wish we could help but we can't even get to our mail this morning (which might hold a clue as to the WP issue). We'll keep you posted if we can help.

    Katie, sorry about the carpet! Mom wants to clean ours but only after the cooler/furnace guys come, and we know *that's* on hold with the continued warm weather!

    1. Nothing in our mail....but WP did do a core upgrade on 11/16, and some plugins dealing with commenting may have been affected. If those weren't updated, that could be the cause.

  2. Are you in disguise Katie, is that why Goggle and Wordpress are confused?
    Oh nose, does that steamer make a noise as well as make the floor all wet fur your Princess slippers?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about WP issue. I hope it will get fixed.
    We need steamer service here, too, and painting the wall. I'm sure boys will hate that...! Katie san, once the carpet is dry, you will have so much fun making paw prints on it :-)

  4. Mommy wonders who can steam walls. We've been here several years and Mommy is having problems (being now in a wheel chair) how to manage that herself. We were thinking a Swiffer Wet Jet, but then her wheel chair ran over the mop part and broke. The mop part, not the wheel chair! So, anyway, we can't replace the mop for awhile. Ain't life fun?

  5. I am sorry that you are having problems commenting on WP blogs. I hope you can get it sorted, but I have no suggestions. I created a WP blog years ago but never use it, but it means I can't use my blogger ID on some of them but not all and I have to use my WP account to comment on some WP blogs. Seems crazy!

  6. Aren't computers wonderful, Katie? You may have to create a new account.

  7. Techy problems and wet carpet at the same time just ain't right!

  8. Just a quick question. Are you on Google as a Google Plus (Google+)? That is what has caused issues for a lot of people. They went back to regular google and the problem went away. Not sure if that helps you or not...just throwing it out there. Good luck. xo Diana

  9. That's poopy that you can't comment on your friends blogs. We haven't had any issues on any blog so maybe we're not commenting on WP blogs. Anyway, hope it's resolved soon. We bet that wet thing is also loud! It probably disrupted at least four naps while it was there!

  10. What a bummer that Wordpress is all wonky for you, Katie!

  11. Our dear furriend, what a rough time it's been for you. First you get the awful "NO"! and now all this. We hope it ends soon.

  12. Oh No! You can't come and tell me what you think! I am bereft, but now I know and I won't worry. I am sure that Queen Penelope will let me know what you think!

  13. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    That must be awful for you!
    We're glad that we have only hard wood floors and tiles. When I had to use my asthma pump, we decided to change our cotton/wool carpet in the dining, living and bedrooms + office to heard wood floors. So glad we did and even more so with six kitties. When one barfs, no point, easy to clean and NO stains.

  14. Oh no! What a pain about WP, Katie and Mom. That is super frustrating. We hope it gets resolved sometime soon. Hugs!

  15. We find wordpress hit and miss to comment on, sorry it's gone to a whole new level fur mew though!!!

    We hope the steamer peeps have gone now! MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & CO xox

  16. So sorry you are having WP problems dear Katie but we know you love us and if we don't see a comment from you we will understand. We have a tough time going through hoops on Blogger blogs sometimes with the "photos" - Mom's eyes aren't what they used to be and she sometimes has to do four or five of those things before we get tne OK for our comment! I think the world of blogging can be frustrating sometimes but one thing is FOR SURE - we all wish it was EASIER to stay in touch!

    Hugs and Love, Teddy

  17. Ugh, Comcast and WP. Can't you guys get along? Our Mom discovered this morning that we can't log into Google or Blogger when we use Chrome and we can't comment on any Blogger blog friends! Really? Does it have to be this hard, people?

  18. How frustrating! I can't comment on any blogger blogs now on my iPad. I have to go turn the computer on. I think there was some update improvement thing that made it work wrong...
    I'm glad to know you're visiting even though you can't write anything.

  19. Well that would be frustrating being told you are not you, I have had those problems at times but thankfully a few days later it rights its self

  20. We know the frustration. We haven't been able to comment on a Typecast blog for about a year.

  21. Gosh, Katie - having that big snake crawling around is even more unsettling than the computer problems !
    I have Frontier and there have been problems with it that started before Thanksgiving. I didn't think Net Neutrality had ended yet but I'm beginning to wonder.

  22. Too much trauma for one lady cat and her Mama. Hang in there you two!


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