August 22, 2015

Are We Loved or What?

Kitties, The longer I am on the CB and what with the Admiral as well as me, it has been quite a while the more I have wanted to meow about something.  I heard mom discussing  the kitty place in their family's lives with another kitties' mommy.  She stated that I am so loved here at home as is the other kitty I just spoke of here.

Our families love us so much and the awesome part is, we love them RIGHT BACK!  Kitty moms and dads understand that, and know kitty language and postures.  They also know we are not woofies and that we can't be expected to act like a woofie.  Would you believe, there are more people than not who expect us to act like woofies!  They say woofies are more friendly.  I beg that humans pardon but NOT SO!  We just don't jump up and down on you nor do we lick your face or show certain inappropriate behavior to your lower limbs which shall remain unwritten here.   We headbonk you over and over and rub our sides on you while purring loudly and we slow blink to send you a kitty kiss.  We don't bark when we see you but greet you we certainly do.  If you love your cat, that cat will love you back and show it in many feline ways.

Mom said give over that I'm meowing at the choir here.  Just that I get tired of comparisons between two species, woofies and felines.  No, they will never be alike.  Yes, I love my game of fetch... but even if I didn't it would not detract from my worth here in my family.

Lastly, what with my never ending nursing duties ( MOM HERE: they are lightening up considerably)! I am,

Exhaustedly Yours,

Kathryn Isabella, Queen of Tennessee and All Neighboring Lands


  1. An excellent post! Yes, we certainly love our kitties and we know that they love us. Glad your Mom is getting better!

  2. We agree! Kittehs and woofies are definitely two different species. We aren't just small dogs.

  3. Glad to hear that the Mom is feeling better. Doggies and Kitty cats are different but they are both wonderful animals. Dogs are such great companions in many ways. There just isn't any sense in comparing them since they both have such wonderful personalities. Our Mom loved our doggie ever bit as much as she does us kitties.

  4. We are fam-a-lee, all my kitty sisters and me! Love you post sweet Katie!

  5. It's so true, Queen Katie! Mum had that same conversation this morning believe it or not!!! She said those people who say woofies are more friendly and loving etc have obviously never been loved by a kitty! Smoochies, Emperor Austin Towers of Ynys Mon, Cymru and all points West ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    PeeEss AND we smell better !!!!!

    1. Hehe! the convo was with a lady at the kitty adoption event this morning!!! I think she was there by mistake! There were all these sweet kitties around purring and looking cute, and all this lady could do was talk about dogs! It's a good job we cats are polite and well mannered, s'all I can say ;) mol

  6. Mom does like woofies too, but when she sees neighbors out at the crack of dawn and dark of night having to walk their doggies in the freeing cold so they can go pee pee and poo poo, she knows that kitties are just the best pets ever!

  7. My human says kitties are also much NEATER at giving affection than dogs - no slobbery tongues, and not so needy!

  8. We is definitely loved! Mom bean says she lubs how us kitties are so independent, and yet need the beans too. The only thing she wishes is that we were less stinky in our litterbox habits. :)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Miss Katie you are so exceptionally talented and we are so glad to hear how well loved and adored you are (we love you too). We are so grateful for the pawsome care you've taken of your Mom while she has needed you the most.

  10. While mom likes dogs, she says kitties are easier to care for.
    She loves the head bonking and body rubs a lot.
    Some of us give her sandpaper kisses and that makes her happy.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  11. Katie, this is a most excellent post! You're right that you're preaching to the choir but we still enjoyed reading it very much. You look so precious in your picture. We are wondering why you're always nursing your mom. We hope she's ok. You are so loved and loving.

  12. Our M loves doggies too but we kitties have a special place in her big heart. She even heard somewhere recently that kitties and their humans develop a language all their own and that no two meows are exactly alike from one home to the next. Just shows how close we are. Bonded. Loved.

  13. You are SO right, Miss Katie! We are loved, and we love our Mommy and Daddy right back. And we know that you and your Mommy are the same way. :)

    Woofies are okay and all. But they are just different.

    Hugs and headbonks!

    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  14. We totally agree with you Queen Katie! We are kitties, not dogs, so why do people expect us to be the same? We don't get it at all.

    We're glad your mom is getting better thanks to your nursing skills of course. We send purrs for her continued improvement!

    PeeS: Our mommy is squeeing like crazy over your little white feets!

  15. Oh Katie Love, You are far from being anything like a doggie - nor am I. Yes I can sit up and beg if a treat is involved, but that is only if I feel like it. I loved all the things that we do as you described them - that is a cat. We are very endearing, as M says. You are making my heart melt when I look at that picture.

  16. We've got woofies here, and yup, us kitties are different, but we are just as luvin and great!

  17. Katie, you are so right. We are not woofies...and we don't want to be like them. We show our love differently than they do.

  18. So happy that the TLC you're showing your mom is working. Kitties canNOT be woffies, of course, KI. That would just be weird....

    Love and licks,

  19. Indeed, cats and dogs arevery different. And I need both, or pieces of me are missing. Each speaks to a different side of me.

    Stella doesn't bark unless you ask her to speak. She does not do nasty dog things. But she does herd those she loves. She does give little girlie dog kisses. She greets us at the door wagging her tail and spinning. Not barking, but humming. She is Chloe Jo's dog. Or so Chloe Jo thinks. Dog and cat. Each one has a place and a purpose. We all do. ❤

  20. I agree Katie. Dogs and cats are like apples and oranges, you can't compare. I will take kitties every time though :) I love your photo showing off all your floofiness.

  21. Sooooo glad Mom is on the mend and oh yes we love our kitties and everyone's kitties!! And YOU!

  22. Happy to hear your nursing duties are lightening up a bit's truly exhausting taking care of humans even when you love them! We agree about woofies/kitties and the differences. My Mom says no matter what, it's all about love. We love in a different way than woofies.....but we love just as fiercely and with every fiber of our beautiful selves! We just don't leap around to show it. (well...maybe once in a while)

    Hugs, Sammy

  23. I am glad your mum is starting to feel better Katie. Me and my mum agree with you. Woofies love anyone who will give them food. Cats love you because they want to with no strings attached. Of course food does help too!

  24. Yep yous awe indeed purreachin' to da choir and da choir is sayin' a loud Meow. Weez agwee and offen get tired of da comparisons too. We also get tired of bein' pawrt of an aniimal gwoup dat consistently leans towards da dogs. Dogs get more notice, help, and purrmotion than cats do in da weal world and furankly it makes us mad. But it appears weez climbin' on our soap box so weez gunna back down and say have a pawsum week bootyful.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  25. My darlingest queen! How I have missed your glorious beauty and gracious presence. The Stoopy Human has gone back to work and taken on a couple of Ginormous Projects completely unrelated to work that thankfully will soon be over! I am glad to hear your nursing duties are lightening up as that must mean your darling Mommy is better ;-) Love you! XOXOXOX

  26. Oh Katie
    My Sweetest Grrl Furrend! Mes agrees with yous whole heartedly! This last year and a half with all the forth and backing between Calgary and Midway, mes KNOWS Mommy would not has been able to does it without ME!
    Wes is indispensable!
    Gives your Mommy a big Kiss from mes and mes hopes to visits soon!

  27. Dearest Katie Isabelle,
    So glad you did speak out and yes, a lot of people have no inkling about how much love a feline can give. Or better said: ' RETURN'.
    As much as we love them, they will become more and more affectionate to their human parents. At least we do love ours to death!
    Sending you hugs,

  28. Katie, your mom is fortunate to have such a devoted nurse as you.

  29. Our Mama has a friend who had a dog and a cat. The dog died and her friend was quick to get another dog because , "cats are just not the same". That upset our Mama because so many people who have cats still don't get their language and are determined to perpetuate the myth that cats are less attainable and less friendly than dogs. So untrue! But we know that, right?! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  30. We are not woofies and TBT is glad of it... The last time TBT talked to a woofiie, (several years ago) it spread germs all over his face an we made him (TBT) take a shower ta clean hisself!


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