April 3, 2013

From Mom Plus..updated with a cartoon that is purrfect addition at the bottom.

I agree with everyone in that the Vet must have a personal talking to from me, mom,  before Katie goes back again if she does.  I will do that as I did once before.  When Admiral was still living, I left that very office for 2 years which had a different set of vets in it, because of the bad behavior of one of the office personnel.  I went to several other Vet's offices before I decided to go back to the one we have always used through all my cats.  I met the present Vet and found the others moved on and there was a new set of them.  I approached the new-to-me vet about that office person and told him why I had not been there for several years.  He said she had been fired.  I was so grateful to know that.  Until now, there has not been a problem.

I will, as I did then, pay for a visit of his time and express my concerns about this tech.  Make no mistake of that.  This is my little girl and while the tech wasn't cruel, he was uncaring and  possibly hurt her scruffing her for the nail cutting.  All of the things I said last night, I will address  without having the cat with me.  If Katie acts afraid to be put in the carrier from now on, then it will be that tech's fault and *I* am the one along with Katie who will be traumatised forever because of it.

Here Katie has ever been so sweet about being in the carrier and never fussed or cried.  If that has changed I will be very angry because I went thru the dickens getting Admiral to the Vet.  That was no one's fault. It was just Admiral.  Getting a break with Katie was a breath of fresh air. I am deeply concerned about any aftermath.  I hope she can forgive but I won't count on it. I am already apprehensive about going  ANYWHERE next time for a shot.

So, that's the story.  Thank you for your input.  I took out the last part of the blog because it seemed that perhaps the wrong impression was made.  I simply was saying how well Admiral was treated.  I was saying that the Office is a kind one. The Tech was different from anyone heretofore.  This is an isolated incident that will stay isolated because if it happens again after I request  a private talk and another tech..that will be the backside of mine and Katie's furs headed out the door.


  1. Oh dear.
    I would definitely make sure when you call to request not to be seen by him again.
    oh dear if this makes her not want to go in carrier it would be terrible!!!
    Perhaps air the thing out to get rid of vet smell, then leave it in a common area of home...
    put her in it, carry around home & let out, give treat.
    I am SO sorry this jerk treated your girl this way-
    makes me mad!

  2. I see everyone already voiced this kind of thing already...

  3. I certainly would ask to not have that tech handle Katie again. It is a perfectly legitimate request. The vets need to hear this kind of stuff so that can keep good people there. I am very lucky in that all the techs that work at my vets are terrific. But then, so are the vets. Sorry you are having that problem.

  4. You might look into a mobile vet in your area - or a practice that makes house calls. Less trauma all the way around.

    That office should NOT have a vet tech who does not like cats. That is just plain idiotic.

  5. Somehow we missed yesterday's post. We are so sorry about that mean tech. You are so fortunate that Katie did not fear or reject her carrier and we certainly hope her experience does not change her forever. Techs who dislike any type of animal should not be working in that type of job. Poor Katie!!

  6. The nerve! You almost never have to scruff an indoor cat like that - at least in my 25 years of cat experience. And you NEVER let their bodies dangle unsupported!

    You are so right to stand up for Miss Katie, just as for Admiral. Just because they "like dogs best" doesn't give them license to handle other pets roughly. Let us know what happens after "the talk."

    Much love and tuna treats to the dear girl. And a niptini for Mom!

    Nik & Rocky

  7. I am so upset about this and agree with you here. I hope she's not scarred from all this. We take such good care of our babies and some outsider that we trust comes along and causes trauma or harm to them! I am livid...

  8. God for you. I am sure that all can be restored because the vet in charge will not want to lose customers because of one uncaring young man. Good luck. Hug GJ xx

  9. A good discussion is definitely in order! Give Miss Katie an extra hug and treat for me!

  10. good for you - and a good plan as well. we hope that some work and maybe leaving the carrier out with treats will help Katie with traveling...and maybe short trips somewhere different to remind her the carrier isn't all bad :)

  11. katie...sorree bout R rant on yur ewe haza sads post...we reeded it furst...

    we wood like ta mesnhsun, breef lee, that we haz all used de same vet for yeerz...after sauce went ta rainbow bridge; we will NEVER be usin that same vet...ever...again....

    sew we noe wear yur momz comin frum with ewe N admiral

    all sew...a wee bit oh add vice if we may; tell yur mom ta getz yur carrier out...open de door N leeve it out....

    put a fav rite toy...knot yur most fav rite, but a fav rite toy in ther N leeve it, same with a blankie...same with sum treetz N due this over a period oh weeks

    we bee sorree ewe N yur mom had ta go thru all thiz bull caca, it shuld knot haz happened frum de get go

    N tell yur mom ta check into

    angies list

    when her haza minit; it will give her "reviews" bout local vets in town

    sorrre again we went all floundered in post one

  12. We're so very glad you're going to go talk to the vet about this. We agree - Katie's well being is by far most important as you make your choices on where to go in future.

    We're so very sorry Katie had such a bad experience.

  13. If he was a new tech and that's what they are training them, wow. I get how they wouldn't want to be biten or scratched but kindness is the key.

    My Ashton is a mess when he goes but still he's my baby.

    I know it's a pain to go to a new vet (I tried several of the ones in my area) but Katie is worth it.

    Hope she recovers, mentally.


  14. Dear Carole & Miss Katie,

    It is my hope that you understood our comment yesterday about the appalling treatment you both received was directed at the Vets office and in no way directed at either of you. Carole, you had absolutely no fault in this matter at all & we KNOW you talked ot the vet and handled it. We apologize if you feel that we were admonishing you in any way.

    Ms. Stella
    That Woman

  15. I hope your chat with the vet goes well and that he would heed the feedback you give to him.

    Looking forward to a positive update.

    ...Boomie's Mommy

  16. So happy to hear you will be making a private visit there without Katie. I sure wouldn't want that tech treating my cat!

  17. I think it is totally fair requesting that this tech not handle Katie. I am sure he is fine with dogs. My human's boyfriend used to work at a vet clinic full time. He is way more of a dog person than a cat person, and while I am sure he handled the cats there with WAY more care than the one who handled Katie, I'm sure the cats at that clinic would have done even better with a tech who favored cats.

  18. This sounds like the best solution all around. A good conversation will hopefully clear the air, and if not, well, at least you'll know to start looking elsewhere. I really hope Katie's innate good nature will win out and by the time a carrier ride rolls around again, she'll be her same easy-going self. The Trout Tabbies have a good idea too.

    I'm afraid Spitty is too much like his first true Lady Love, Ms. Admiral. Who knows if I'll ever get him in a carrier again?!?

  19. I know that mom will make sure this doesn't happen again Miss Katie. xx

  20. That boy does not need to be working in a vet's office; precious Katie, we are so sorry you were treated that way and are very proud of your Mommy for standing up for you...We love you guys and send big hugs and loud purrs to you two beautiful ladies...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Oh please please please don't be anxious next time you have to put Katie in a carrier! She will read that on you! Just act like last time never happened and do it as you always have. Hopefully the poor little sweetheart will forget it completely and will act like she always does.

  22. Good for you! Our vet hardly ever does the "back room" thing and if she does then Dad is welcome to go back too. That cartoon is purrfect!

  23. I am sorry about this dilemma. I hope everyone is okay soon. :)

  24. Katie's mom, we think it's a good idea that you have a conversation with the vet and let him know how you feel about that tech. Hopefully, he will understand your feelings.

    We also agree with the Trout Tabbies. Try leaving the carrier out with the door open and put a toy or two in it. The mom leaves ours out all the time so we aren't traumatized when we see it.

  25. Oh, we hope Katie wasn't traumatized! The poor sweet girl doesn't deserve that. I always hold my kitties for the vet, not because they mistreat them, but because I think it comforts them to be able to hide their heads in my arms. I would talk to the vet about what happened. Would you feel ok holding Katie yourself? She might like it.

  26. Love that cartoon. That's what I did to the last vet at that horrible place. Her thumb was really bleeding hard too. I used to just walk into my carrier too but all that changed. Linda, our friend at A Call 4 Paws, has told us other horror stories about that vet. We went cos I was adopted from there and the peeps got a discount. No discount is worth what they put me through.

  27. It's a shame that it can be the vet assistants who don't know how to work with cats that can cause cats to be so afraid of going. I don't know if there is any specific training for an assistant . . .

  28. Oh I'm so sorry to read you've had such a bad experience at the clinic. It's stressful enough when everything goes well. The last thing you and Katie need is an experience that leaves you even more stressed.

    I hope you are able to work it out or find a better place to go. We are very lucky here and have a Vet Clinic with some absolutely amazing people working there. They even have Waffles convinced it's a party.


  29. Hi darling girl, Hope you are feeling totally recovered tonight!

    Perhaps you can help me with my Ms. Stella problem? I know I am hopelessly in the doghouse (so to speak) for wooing Miss Jenga just a bit....but she looked SOOOOO adorable in that little movie! You know how it is.

    Maybe you can put in a good word for me?

  30. I'm guessing Katie is dealing with this incident better than anybody else (!).....I do hope that you don't experience problems getting her in her carrier in the future though. I was NEVER able to get Sam in his - NEVER. It was way too traumatic and he was terrified the first time so that's when we went to leash/harness and he has NO problem with that. We all know that you are looking out for Katie ALWAYS....we all do the best we can for our beloved fur-kids...occasionally we come upon someone who just doesn't "get it" (like that tech). We just move on and hope it never happens again.

    Hugs of support.........Pam

  31. You go, Girls! You do not have to deal with that kind of thing!

  32. Good for YOU - and GOOD LUCK! We'll be anxious to know the results of your talk with the vet! It's a good idea to try to work things out first - We hope nothing has happened to further upset poor Katie & that you get this all settled.


    MomKatt Laura & Selina

    PS - Selina says if necessary, she will pay someone a visit with her "Patented Smacky Paws" to "clear things up"! MOL!

  33. Oh I am so sorry Katie san was treated like that. Our fur babies are our children and should be treated with respect! Long time ago, there was a vet that offered nail cut and technisians held my boy down forcefully to do it. They were generally nice but the way they did it made me stop going to that vet. I hope Katie san is feeling ok.

  34. There isn't much I can add that hasn't been said here by others, or that I haven't said elsewhere. It will be interesting to know what the vet's reaction is to your talk with him. I'll see how Ron likes the idea of leaving one of the carriers (we have two) out in the house, to try to get the kitties accustomed to it. Gracie will probably be more of a problem. Her aversion to being picked up doesn't really have anything to do with going to the vet.

  35. Oh my sweet Katie.
    I am so sorry you were scared and hurt at the Vet's visit.
    We cannot understand how anyone could do anything mean to you.
    WE are purring.

  36. Well everybody has said anything that I would have said. I do like the idea of leaving the cage door open with a toy inside, perhaps a bit of catnip as well.

  37. Oh gosh! :-( I've just read this post and the one previous. Oh dear. I am so sorry you and Katie had such an experience at the vet's. Awww darling Katie was just reacting to the negative vibe of this tech! She was obviously not happy with this person. Not happy at all! Big hugs to you and sweet Katie!

    When I had to euthanise Tim (my Ol Girl's brother) I made the mistake of being too timid when the nurse insisted she hold him down while the injection was administered. He died held down very roughly growling and spitting. To this day I hate myself for not stepping in and pushing that horrid nurse away and taking Tim in my arms for him to die with some dignity. At that point I was so traumatised it was only after I wish, wish, wish I'd stepped in and been more assertive and told this awful nurse that I wanted to hold Tim. She said afterwards when I did protest that she was scared he was going to attack me. Like it mattered. I was so angry more with myself for being such a doormat when Tim needed me most. I've learned my lesson and I live with this guilt and will live with this guilt for the rest of my life. But now I know to fight like the dickens when it comes to getting the best care for my cats.

    Anyway! I just wanted to say I know you will defend and support Katie to the limit and beyond against anyone who would treat her in such a way! Good for you! Take care


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