March 11, 2018

Happy 16th Birthday Madi!

Madi, I wish you a very happy birthday today dear furriend.  Love and smoochies all day long to you.

I talked mom into a short reminisce about her first driving and getting her license as I never got the opportunity..unless I wanted to drive myself to the v-e-t.

Mom said she never had a learners permit.  She just mooched time with any and all friends and neighbors foolish enough to allow her to learn in their cars.  Her dad was working in the day of course and seemed adamant about weekends in NOT teaching her.  So...she mooched around getting turns in other vehicles.  Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

After she got the feel of a car down, of all things- she talked her into letting her drive to and in  Philadelphia, ( she was hoping to go to Strawbridge and Clothier) (dresses!!) (that turned out to be a no-go) which was 30 miles away from where she was in New Jersey at the time!  She had to live up north a few years due to her Dad's work. (she is from Va.) So, off they went.  Mom got her best most scary experience in Philadelphia traffic.  Looking back she said she didn't know how she managed not to have an accident and her not licensed, only 16 years old and all that stuff.  But eventually she got to be 17 and that was the legal age for a drivers license in NJ. She passed.  Only thing she got dinged on was shifting into neutral before stopping completely.  The examiner said that she didn't have control of the car when she did that.  It made sense and he relented and allowed her to pass after a firm lecture (which mom took to heart).

Her driving on dirt roads leading to goodness knows where...all by herself and other silliness is legion in her own mind! :-)

Happy Birthday precious Madi.  Mom and I truly love you and we send smoochies, sixteen of them from Tennessee.

This is a blog hop which I will make mom do her pitiful best to do.

pee ess:  Can someone tell mom how to get all the blogs on the bloghop to show up at the bottom of my bloggie please?  She just remembered she forgot to do the HTML...


  1. Katie bravo to your mom learning to drive and today PURRFECTLY linking up to my road trip hop! Bravo Bravo and give her a treat.
    Mom says she cannot in her wildest dreams imagine driving in a big city like Philadelphia. Talk about jumpin' in with both feets.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. That was a good story! Happy Birthday to sweet Madi from all of us!

  3. Whooo hoooo on the driving!!!! Happy Birthday to Madi! We have a 4 year old birthday here, too. Special "peeps" were born today!
    Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  4. That was a great story. If I had to get a license on a standard then I would never have been able to get one. I have yet to figure out how to get a blog hop to show up on my blog. XO

  5. We loved hearing about how Mom came to be a driver, Katie! Happy birthday to Madi, and hugs to you and Mom!

  6. What a wonderful post for Madi's birthday!! Our Mama got her license in NJ too, and remembers having to wait until she was 17!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  7. I bed Madi is having an awesome birthday, checking out all these stories! We sure are enjoying it.

  8. What fun (and crazy scary) times our humans have during those teen years!
    Happy Birthday to Madi. Hope she is a better driver than our human!

  9. Great story! I wouldn't dare drive in Philadelphia even with a license, much less without! LOL brave woman.

  10. Click the HTML button that is on the left at the top when you go to do a post (or edit in this case) copy the html from the blog hop in at the bottom and save it. Hope this helps

    Mommy missed school one day because she lost a contact and couldn't see. Mommy is blind as a bat without her glasses. So Grandpa took her out to Uncle Leyland's with him to bail hay and they made Mommy drive the truck (remember she can't see). Well we guess she saw better than her Grandpa at least she didn't run over anything, but she jumped over a bridge like on the Duke's of Hazard, except in a pickup instead of the General Lee.

  11. Great story...fur sum reason my Mum completely understanding wanting to drive to go shopping fur dresses!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. Katie, it sounds like your mom lived fairly close to where are now. A beginner driver driving in downtown Philly sounds a little scary!

  13. Katie, your mom was very brave to drive on Philadelphia roads. :) Happy Birthday to Madi!

  14. Great road trip story! I would be scared to go drive in Philadelphia.. or any big cities!
    Happy birthday to Madi!

  15. That is quite a thrilling driving story, Miss Katie! My Human was the opposite. She did not want to learn--she was afraid she wouldn't be able to steer (ha ha meow!) But then her mother had some surgery that put her in a wheelchair for a long time so her dad told her she had to step up and learn to drive so she did and it turned out she *could* steer after all, ha ha ha. And you have the sharp-eyes,darling,because that *IS* a Miss Stacy special in the picture! XOXOXOX

  16. Don't we all have a driving story! We once were selling a car and TBT let the buyer drive it around the block. OMC! He was 25 had never driven a car before. TBT had to stop him before he crashed it.

    We laugh NOW, but it was weerd...

  17. What a great story....! We've read so many great "tales of the road" today but driving for the first time in Philly HAD to have been EPIC (and scary!). Bravo for your Mom....

    Hugs, Teddy

  18. Loved Mom's story! I am sure the driving instructor could see Mom's stellar character and that is why he let her off with a stern warning. For the hop thingie.....copy the code and go into your HTML on your blog and insert it as the very last thing in your post. Then click "preview" to make sure it is there!

  19. Belated happy birthday wishes to Madi.
    Your mom was very brave to drive in a busy city when she was so young. In the UK the minimum age for a provisional (learner) license is 17.


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