July 6, 2015

Bloggie Hop and Me

Kitties, I want to thank Simba and Summer for their great advice on getting the code into my blog hop bloggies.  I will try soon.

Now, let me tell you what I was doing the past few days..and I really was.  I know mom thought it was such fun to watch but me...I thought it was practical and easier.   What?  Let me tell you.  You be the judge.

Here is a fuzzy hastily taken photo of me about to do what I like to do.

I was getting ready

This was before I started using my red heart.

 I was washing my face and I surprisingly to mom, began washing my red nip heart.  I gave it  probably 5 or 6 good swipes with my tongue and then I  held it in my front feet and applied it to my cheeks and ear.  I repeated this three times!  Each time I used it as a wash cloth to wash my face.  I used both paws by the way.  Not one.  Anyway it got too heavy and bulky for me I guess so I dropped it and used my arm to wash my ears.  That was three days ago and I have used it as a wash cloth the two days following.  I may never do it again but I sure did it these three days.   Just saying'.  Also, I still do my Correctol commercial dance and wild hopping and wide eyes after using the box for, um, solid matter.  So I am a lot of smiles around here. So Mom said.

July 5, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Kitties!  I am really really going to try doing this again.  Mariodacat is helping me!  Let me see if I can!  I will tell you the truth, mommy had to use her finger to help my claw to press the shutter release.  That's only because I wanted her to feel needed.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  Well, OK.  My claw didn't quite get there to the button but it will NEXT time.

Kitties, I tried so hard and I can't get 'er done.  Mariodacat and I tried multiple times  to do the selfie with link but the code shows up in my bloggie instead of kitteh pictures and Cat on my Heads piccy with link. I give up.  Again.  Heeee.

July 1, 2015


Kitties, I am about to make mom get us into the big bed so we can sleeps.

Well, I have night shift to accomplish of course, so what with the hauling of my favorites into the bedroom or onto the bed...I have to say a girl's work is never done.

I have been weary with the hots around here.  Well, it's not too bad but it costs money to make the cold box blow out more of the cold air.  So, she keeps it right on the edge of comfy.  Where it is almost comfy.  Better than being outside and sure beats all the snows and ice storms we had.

Here's our Thursday in the Garden kinda sorta.  Hope you likes it.  It was nommy.  (she wouldn't let me nom it)

Live long and prosper Kitties!

June 29, 2015


This kitty was in the newspaper Friday from the shelter.  ALMOST looks like me.  I used to be in a shelter too.  I was fostered after that rather than, well, you know....and then, because there are so many dogs in the house also being fostered, they asked my Vet which was Admiral's Vet then as well,  to keep me and four other kitties please.  He agreed.  Admiral arranged our meeting and the rest is history.

May THIS baby also find true love with a family.

A smaller mustache and I only have one white eyebrow to my name BUT a beautiful Tuxie waiting to be loved as much as I am.  No..I don't think I am up for a sibling though.

June 26, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Jan

Jan , Happiest Birthday in the world to you today.  Mom and I think the absolute world of you and want to be among the first in line to help you welcome the day  and wish you birthday greetings.

We also send our love,  headbonks and nosetaps.  Well, *I* do.  Mom isn't too good at that.