August 28, 2015

My Blankie

Boomie sent me a beautiful Peggy blankie a couple of years ago and I STILL love it just as I did when he first had it sent to me.  What a loving mancat!  I have it spread on the foot of the spare bed in the other bedroom and I visit it lots.  Mom said she'd get my red one too that Admiral's hubby had sent to her.  I have TWO soft and warm blankies to love.  I have Ms Stella's mommy's work too in a gorgeous smaller blankie that I keep in the living room at all times.

I sent mom out for a walkie today and she had a good time!  Here is the kind of day I ordered up for her.  She took this on her walk.  The big tree on the right is part of the giant Grandiflora Magnolia tree.  It is still blooming while most have put out their giant seed pods.


August 25, 2015

Just Me and Mommy

Kitties!  NObuddy is here except me and mommy!  And I am doing great!  She gets a shampoo at night with my personal attention.  A forehead wash and a massage of the belly muscles.  Toys, and my DONKEY and Floppy Mousie and Floppy Duckie!  WITH announcement for each arrival.

I am a side warmer or even a pillow sharer and I supply warmth, furs and purr humming for her entertainment.  We don't need anything else!  Now I admit, I am woefully lacking in bringing in some feast for us.  But I will keep looking.  I DID choose the glass topped filing cabinet to hork on though and the glass topped coffee table!  Now that was very helpful for me to do.  SO much easier than scrubbing the carpet.  No one will ever say I'm not thoughtful.


Mommy used the LONG lens to try to get this web early early yesterday morning.  The sun had shone a beam right on it through all our trees.  It was/is about 50 ft away.

August 24, 2015

Easy Rider's Daddy and a Horrible Bad Bad Accident.

Please purr and pray for Easy Rider's daddy who had a horrible accident.  Please go and leave a message of love for them all.  I am so sorry this awful accident happened.  They need the Power of the Paw and a Paw Circle.   xxoox

August 22, 2015

Are We Loved or What?

Kitties, The longer I am on the CB and what with the Admiral as well as me, it has been quite a while the more I have wanted to meow about something.  I heard mom discussing  the kitty place in their family's lives with another kitties' mommy.  She stated that I am so loved here at home as is the other kitty I just spoke of here.

Our families love us so much and the awesome part is, we love them RIGHT BACK!  Kitty moms and dads understand that, and know kitty language and postures.  They also know we are not woofies and that we can't be expected to act like a woofie.  Would you believe, there are more people than not who expect us to act like woofies!  They say woofies are more friendly.  I beg that humans pardon but NOT SO!  We just don't jump up and down on you nor do we lick your face or show certain inappropriate behavior to your lower limbs which shall remain unwritten here.   We headbonk you over and over and rub our sides on you while purring loudly and we slow blink to send you a kitty kiss.  We don't bark when we see you but greet you we certainly do.  If you love your cat, that cat will love you back and show it in many feline ways.

Mom said give over that I'm meowing at the choir here.  Just that I get tired of comparisons between two species, woofies and felines.  No, they will never be alike.  Yes, I love my game of fetch... but even if I didn't it would not detract from my worth here in my family.

Lastly, what with my never ending nursing duties ( MOM HERE: they are lightening up considerably)! I am,

Exhaustedly Yours,

Kathryn Isabella, Queen of Tennessee and All Neighboring Lands

August 17, 2015

Can't a Girl Catch a Break?

I'm zawstid from taking care of mom! See my mouf? That says it all.

Biggafy of you can

August 16, 2015

Sunday Sunpuddle

Kitties, here I am in my Sunday Sunpuddle with my furs opened out to soak up the warmth and light against my delicate skin.  It has been overcast or raining for days.  Sun is most welcome.  Left side is my head...right side, my tailio.

August 13, 2015

My Day

Ah.  A chicken leg, a nanner, a fuzzy ducky, my multi-colored puff heart Pollack fishie.

To celebrate my state of happiness I am lying on my sweet back with my legs in the air and my arms folded sweetly onto my capacious chesticle.

Bikini's R Us during the Summer.  So you will note I have it on.

Life is good, Kitties.