May 5, 2016

I Don' Like da Sound ob Dis

I have a bad feeling Mom is headed away from me.  No more heated Mom to soak up heat from in the night.  I will shiver, freeze and turn to ice.  I will starve and be lonely and just moulder at the threshold waiting helplessly for her return.  Yup.  And we are having a par-TAY Kitties and Cupcake!

Come one and come all.  While she's gone I am preparing the feast.  I already have the ones that won't spoil arranged on trays and laid in the back room closet.  I have made sure the treadmills are re-stocked for our fun and exercise.  Got several 12 packs of "Scots" laid by.  (she doesn't buy premium, like Charmin...sheesh!)  I got her to buy extra for me because I dragged the ones she already bought into my back closet.  She kept thinking we were out, so she bought more!  Kitties, get ready to rock and roll at our treadmills.  Bring an empty stomach because I have hams, beefs, livers, chick-hen and real live dead shrimpies.  All hidden till 0845 in the morning.

Get yours at the opened doors on your way in.  Meow. 

Bottoms UP!

Got Claws?  Let's pop 'em!

and more....

Come early, stay late.  Hork if you have to.  We have lots of spray she can use to clean up with and oh!  she laid in extra kidding.  She found a deal on it.  If we run outta litterboxes due to crowds, we'll pour it on the floor and let the P fly where it may.  After all, SHE'S having a good time...we will too.

When the mom's away the kitties will play and Cupcake too.  Love that girl.  She's got it going on just as we kitties do.

May 4, 2016

For the Love of Our FurBabies

Kitties, as Ann has mentioned in her mailing, please...remember Zoey and remember CJ.

They need us so badly, as do many others.

May 2, 2016

How Do I Love You Mom? and Update

Mom, let me show you one other way besides all the others that I love you.  This morning when I rolled over to invite you to pet me and also pet my tummy there in the hallway, you squatted and started petting so I would have that before you went to work out.

I reached up this time with my front paws and grasped your wrist.  Instinctively, you did not pull your arm out.  You showed me trust.  I showed you love because I kept my paws velvety  and no claws at all were extended.  I started bunny kicking your forearm and you remained with me because I had my back claws softened too. So my bunny kicking did not scratch or hurt. I treated you like the Queen you are on accounta  I love you too,  just like you love me.

Please purr and purray for beautiful little Zoey.  She needs us.  She is Ann's baby girl presently with her Auntie Dee.  💗

May 1, 2016

Sunday Katie

Good meowning Kitties and Woofies,

This is the second day of chilly rain and more to come.  We got a break with weeks of mostly sun for the first time in four years but rain is here again.  Hope it doesn't stay.  I like those sunpuddles.

Hope there are great sunpuddles where you are and if there are...let me know and tell me if I may teleport over.  My tunnel is unused these days.

April 30, 2016

Goodbye Tiny Boy

Good bye Tiny Boy.  I love you and I'll miss you.  Thank you for being my friend.

April 28, 2016


Hello and howdy kitties and woofies.  I am doing what I do best... tonight in the waning evening suns! I am wearing my cinnamon colored underwear.

April 26, 2016

A Girl Has to Do What She Has to Do.

Look on, kitties and Cupcake.  See here how my life  is all dull and boring (not) and see what wears me to a haggard thin (Heeeee!) shadow of my former self.

Here you may see me watching my morning baby shows.  I still love Daniel the Tiger best and then Thomas the Train where he lives in Sodor.  Nothing may interrupt my viewing as I am just too too exhausted to move.

Mom never uses the flashy part of the phone so of course in the twilight time, her pictures look dark.  Good going mommy!  Ahem.

And here I was watching an ancient episode of Gilligan's Island on METV last night!  I had my head lying on my folded front paws which were situated on the recliner arm, gazing at the show.

I LOVE watching TV.  Inside and outside.