December 21, 2014

New Playground

Mom was about to put on clean sheets this morning.  I heard the snap of the sheets and came running into the bedroom and onto the bed.  It was only covered with the mattress pad so I had clear sailing.  Mom picked Donkey up off the floor and tossed him gently onto the bed.  I went crazypants.  I rounded my back up, ran around cutting sharp corners and pathways, stopped suddenly, looked waaaay over my shoulder with my white whiskers narrowed into a thin looking line on my face..and then...ATTACK! I got him!

 I threw him into the air multiple times, caught him most times and repeated the whole thing.  When he fell to the floor, I leaped down to ded him.  Mom picked him up and let his legs dangle off the edge of the bed and I leaped up like a Tuxie streak and swiped him up into the air..ran like a fiend on the bed and batted him off into the far universe somewhere.  I was just on fire with my skills.

I'm the Queen! Yes I am.  You should have seen me.

Here I am proclaiming my victories!  Hear me roar.  Or see me roar.

I'm Mighty!

December 19, 2014


Kitties,  Christmas is almost here.  A week away.  I hope momma bought me lots of presents.  AND wrapped them.  I got a wad of Christmas paper to bat and I admit I love it.

Mom is having everyone here for Christmas lunch/dinner.  Her has already laid in a lot of fings and trying to plan how to do it as she has usually gone to a buffet at one of the more prestigious hotels in town since Brovver had sickies for three Thanksgivings and  Christmas's in a row.  This time, the whole gang will be here with everyone well.

We were both looking at my Rainbow Page here and that is guaranteed to make very leaky eyes for mom.  She scrolls down and remembers each fur baby as she comes to them, that graced the life of their Beans and these pages as well with their sweet love. She remembers how they lived their precious innocent lives and made their pawrents lives all the sweeter.

Mom and I have been enjoying efurryone's cards and bloggies.  These images of me were done by Twitter Pals.  I fancied them furry muches. Thank all of YOU for being my furriends.


I am reminded of the song "Chipmunks Roasting by an Open Fire"

Ho Ho Ho.  Mewwy Christmas. 

December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, Sorta

I am a kitty of many words, but not today.  Except to say this beautiful header was done by Ann of Zoolatry.  Thank you again and again, Ann. xo

This is N-O-T a funny picture Mommy!

Stop laughing!  You have hurt my feelings! 

December 15, 2014

Mommy's Baby

Today is the third anniversary of our Admiral's passing.  I know mom loves her still.  Not even three years have made that love any less strong.  When Admiral guided Mom to me at the Vet rescue, she knew we were made for one another and she took care to have mom know that by having her preserved paw print given to mom the very moment she met ME.  It was her seal of approval.  We two, mom and me, melded together instantly.  It was love at first sight. Smoochies and air biscuits and real biscuits and purrs to match a chain saws when I was placed in mom's arms.

We are commemorating Admiral and mom's great love for her and a celebration of their bond.  Mom misses her so much but I fill that deepest sorrow with love.  That's the way it was meant to be.

December 11, 2014

Thursday Musings

Kitties, I bought Starry Night from from Quint of Colehaus Cats.  I love it.  Mommy framed it and put it up in her room where we can both enjoy it.  Here is a series of me, explaining my favorite painting to the assembled  Gallery consisting of  the personages of: Donkey, Floppy Mousie, Fat Pink Mousie and Floppy Ducky that gathered here at 0600 this meowing.  Come listen.  Well, pretend to.

Look at the subtle nuance Quint has achieved here in this work of art!

Oh.  Please, don't applaud so loudly.  You'll wake Mom.

December 9, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie)

Kitties, mom said she finally got one thing at least figured out.

I have not been playing the way I should.  So rather than see me sleep all over the house outta boredom, she decided to get yet another toy, and see if that could get me going.  I had a card in the mail yesterday.  Admiral did really, for a free $5.00 gift for her birthday.  She whispered that I should use it.  So I have a soft long LONG (gotta be supervised) 3/4" wide flannel strip on a stick.  I chase it, attack it, bite it, stalk it.  LOVE the thing!!! But here really is her revelation.  A change of venue.  She played with me and my other favorite denim bow wand toy in the spare bedroom right off the front porch of my new house.  I played a long time.  I had the best time with the old toy and now with the new one.

Change, mom.  Know how to do change for us?  Well, I rewarded you for being a good girl.

Mom bought a very thick memory foam mattress topper and I cannot get enough of it!  I am in bed before her and I WILL NOT MOVE!.  Mom's own blog describes the tribulation.

Here I am.  Imperiously Queenly.  Wait.  Imperial means Empress usually.  So, I will just say Here I am..Queenly in appearance.

You may kiss my paw

December 6, 2014

Look What My Brovver and Sister-inLaw Brought me. My Own House.

Which of you kitties has the castle and told us's how to get one?  My brovver got me one and he and his wife and grand baby that will be here in March, brought it over for me.

I am making it mine after I deem it suitable for habitation. And if it has room for guests. (if you know what I mean).

Inspection to make sure where to put my fridge and beddie.

I'll walk thru all da rooms.  Love da fireplace. Chimney has good flue.

I fink I'll take it.  

This is tonight in the dark and I'm looking out my windows.