April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Kitties! Today is the Day!!

Happy Easter dear furriends and their pawrents.  Lots of loves and snuggles and paw hugs.

Thank you Ann, for the beautiful pikshur of me.  xxooxox

April 18, 2014

Caturday and Sunday with Miss Coco

Kitties, we rescued this baby at the age of just over two weeks.  She was found on school grounds in NC where my son lives.  Mom was there visiting  in her son's home and they warmed and fed the sweet baby over night and took her the next day to a local Pet Smart where the folks showing adoptable pets were cooperative and allowed us to hang around with her while we bottle fed off and on.  Another teacher saw her and fell in love.  She and her mom made a pledge to feed her and care for her and raise her as a precious gift, which she was.  My son went to see her after a few weeks or so and she was thriving, totally adored and treated like the Princess she was and is.

Her name became Coco.  I'm not jellus over Coco showing how bewteefuls she is.  I'm so well loved here there is no need for me to be worried.

Here I am in my mommy's and grandmommy's care. 

I'm a BIG girl now! 

April 16, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties!  Colder'n kraut here (or so mom says..I don't know what kraut is and from the sound of it, I don't want to know!)  It got so warm at 83 degrees Sunday and 80 or so the previous days to that, that momma took my favorite red fleece bed blankie off and I had to---GASP---sleep on the SHEET!

It gets worse!  Not only was there no blankie, just a top sheet but!  She took up all the room on the edge of the bed, her side, and while I had the entire rest of the bed to myself, I did NOT appreciate that one bit!  I wanted HER in the middle and me taking up the whole right side of the bed where she likes to sleep, eventually rolling over against her front or back, whichever was there for me.  That in turn forced her when she had to turn to clinging onto the left edge of the bed and *I* had the covers to myself.  She was sometimes able to get an edge of the sheet to try to cover her chilled arms with but not much.  Just a triangle of cloth.

Now she's striking back and she fills that part of the bed she always liked and I must find some cold and lonely place  at the bottom of the bed to sleep.  Not fair!  So there was NO Donkey, and NO Lion last night!  NO red heart mousie and no fat pink mousie.  Ain't gonna be neither till I get my proper place in the bed.

pee ess.  Your words to us were all deeply appreciated; and will be drawn upon like gold in a bank when we need it.  Thank you. ❤

April 15, 2014

"Together, Again" ��

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" ��

"At Last"..  ����

After two months, we're all together again.  MOL

April 13, 2014

Easy on Sunday

Good Meowning Kitties and woofies.  I am going to be sure to have an easy Sunday.  I enjoyed the flowers yesterday and I will doze and dream of them today.  xxoo Hope you have your easy on too.

April 11, 2014

Fankful Friday (of all fings)

Kitties, in this household we both are very fankful for furriends and faithfulness even when Mom and I could not comment and sometimes even blog the way we always did.  Yet you furriends came to see me anyway.

How can I tell you what that meant?  I am telling you now though.  It meant the world even though mom and I felt very badly when we were and have been absent both from blogging and from comments.  I hope we are doing better nowadays although there are still some raveled threads that need picking up in our lives here at my house.  We are working on it though.

You all make climbing down from the cat tree and patrolling the windows worthwhile.   Mom said her too, although her coming down from the cat tree is an adventure that should be set to music and viewed once..then burned!  No use scarring innocent kitty minds with such a thought.  xoxoxoxo

❤  to you  ❤

April 10, 2014

Fursday Katie!

Look at what one of my human brovvers sent me.  This is from the one who is a Teacher.  Mom and I love it.  You might want to biggafy it.  I am sure it was done from an APP.

By the way, I know reading yesterday's announcement for help was hard with the coloration of the letters but all I did was copy and paste so I had no control over how it looked.  I will suggest this though.  When mommy can't make out words on someones bloggie, she selects the writing with the mouse--- and that alone makes it readable.

That is a rescue that Sailor Edgar really does support so I trusted the information when it came from him.  He asked that I post it as he himself does not have a bloggie.

Hpapy Fursday.  It is a beautiful one here.  XO