April 23, 2017

Easy on Sunday

Kitties!  I am started off on my easy and I think I will make it a marathon.   Heavy rains won't stop so my TV channels are washed out.  I'd love some company for a Cuddlepile....

April 21, 2017

I Own All, I Make the Decisions

Well, all parts of the bed are mine,  and just because this is where she wants to be at night...well...if I get there first, this side is mine as is the pillow.

If the sheets are newly changed that day, and newly turned down to receive ME, then I am there to enjoy the cool fresh percale.  It's all for me, right? if I am correct and usually I am.

Picture me up there on the pillow about 1130 at night..taking up a third of it, and picture me on it facing downward and my head and shoulder is even with her head and shoulder.  The purring just enchants her as it is right against her head; tis true,  If I am sitting in a catloaf position, sometimes my right front leg and paw slips downward and truly...honestly, coincidentally,  my paw  slips right into her ear.  I let it stay about 45 seconds and take it out but it slips back in.  After a minute, mom turns her head sideways to get her ear clear of soft snowy paws. Then she falls fast asleep.

Just my Katie on the Spot service, Ma'am.  No charge. You're family.

April 18, 2017

Bobbing and Weaving

Ol' mom was down on one knee, the other knee up and she was leaning her left arm on the knee...trying to take my picture as I was in my recliner.  Well, she used a bounce flash that went to the ceiling and with good result.  Trouble is, she was bobbing and weaving down there like she was trying to escape with her life for pity sake!

I meowed to her that if she couldn't be any steadier than THAT while down there, she should only go sit in a chair or something for pity sake! So it's a bit blurry.  Thanks mommy!  She would have embarrassed me at the arboretum a week ago had I been there.  She was on the ground and leaned in for a macro of a bee after she got him still enough to take his picture (it's in her blog and in Flickr).  She finally did and then there came the task of getting up off the ground.  Her knees are shot, I'll give her that.

Anyway, here is the "mom...your moving!" shot.  BUT you can see my tongue.  I'm thinking of seared salmon in its juices.  And mice cream.

April 16, 2017

So Many Dear Ones

Kitties, I have two hundred and one fur babies in my Rainbow page.  I put our Nellie in there this morning and decided to make sure all the rest of our furriends were there as well.  They are.

Nellie, I will miss you always and forever.

April 15, 2017

Hummingbird Poo and Stuff

Mommy said to say that hummingbird poo looks like thicker sugar water and just as sticky.  She doesn't want anybuddy to know... but she is always bare foot and goes onto the deck a LOT.  She has seen them poo over by the feeder and on the floor while hovering AND on the window,  so...unfortunately she speaks from experience.  She has said if a hummingbird does it, whatever it is, it's alright.

 She also said that after the nectar she cooks for them is cooled, it immediately goes into the fridge, capped, and there it waits till the hummingbirds  need a refill.  It's best to change the nectar every third day, fourth tops.  Especially when it's hot and it could begin to spoil or grow mold.  Mold is a terrible sickener of hummingbirds.   Clean the feeder at least once a week and don't forget their drinking ports.  They get clogged.   She measured 1 cup of cane sugar and 4 measured cups of water--never honey and never artificial sweetener.  Ever.  You'll sicken them and they may die. Bring to a boil. Take off the heat and allow to cool enough to put in the fridge.  Mommy uses a glass juice jar.

I patrol for them and keep them safe.  Ahem.

Hope you don't mind my annual hummingbird help again.  Mom and I love them so much.

Mom has a thousand more steps to make to meet her goal.  There were too many events where she goes to walk to keep a sustained walk going long.  She will make it I'm sure.

Mom puts these under the feeder for the hummer's added enjoyment.  She took this picture with her phone on yesterday's walkie.

Xo  Meow.

April 12, 2017

Stuffs...Spurned and otherwise...

Well, mom said there was some hummingbird poo on the big window.  Many times they fly up...hover and look in to find their human momma...namely my momma for she always cooks for them and keeps them in nectar till end of October.  More if they ask.

So after all she did today, she remembered to haul out the diminishing supply of sugar (add to the list mommy) and made them some nectar.  Its is cooled and out for them now.  The same ones come back plus new ones of course and all the families they raise during the time they spend here after their migration.  Mom said they are here April-late October.  RubyThroated hummers.  The rest of the nectar is in the fridge keeping cold till a refill is needed.  Mom brings it to a boil as required and takes it off the heat to cool.  Then after she pours their first meal, the glass jar of the remainder is stored till more is needed.  She never adds food coloring as they don't require it. It's not found in nature and may be harmful to some hummers.  The red of the feeder works to attract them.

Now.  That was the "otherwise".  What was spurned you may purr?  This:

Mom bought me this over the mountains.  A little tent all padded and just for me. HA!  As if!  YOU use it mommy!  And she bought me a fairly expensive soft microfiber covered pad in the shape of a kitty head for my water dish to sit on.  Will I drink?  No I will not.  Another fail mommy!

April 11, 2017

It's Official. Mom is a Cat Lady

This is what she brought home along with that "painting" she hung up in the bathroom.   TMI here on accounta you gotsta  see our tiny bathroom.   Here is where I snoopervise her doing her face and hair each day.  A kitty's work is never done.  We live in a wee house, but it used to hold five humans! And always a cat.  (the most impawtent resident).

See who is on the curtain?

Mom got the bath mat too! 

Um...the masterpiece!

Me, mono railing to make it complete.  Cat on Cat.