May 25, 2016

Explosion of Toe Hawks and Tailio

See?  I have wonderful toe is just an explosion-looking picture of them and...a slight black furred "moon" rising over the edge of my crow's nest.  Brian's sisters have longer ones than I do.  But look at my tailio.

May 22, 2016

The Cat Signal

When you need or want me, shine this CAT SIGNAL you can see on the floor  into the sky and onto a cloud.   For immediate clawing and scratching and laying a bitey on whomever you wish.

May 21, 2016

The Eating Games

The Eating Games.  Let them begin. Kitties and woofies...once again, I have decided to claim that all my regular favorite flavors of wet catfud are no good AT all.  I refuse to eat more than a couple of listless bites and then, I find something else to do.  Like eat my dry fuds.  However, she won the battle sorta.  She served me a can of Royal Canin.  I about licked the blue off the bottom of the bowl I loved it so much.  At $1.55 a can, she really would rather not but anything to get me to eat. I love going on strike!  Then, to make mom feel worried even more--- I have been recently sleeping more and I don't feel like playing with her much.  She can hardly persuade me.  BUT!  While she is gone, I will move toys around many times and she can see my flying paw prints in the deep carpeting pile.  The house will be littered with paw prints so to speak, on our highly trackable carpet.  So she knows I'm not always lying about languidly  sniffing a lavender scented hanky or a vial of smelling salts.

The final fillip was... no Donkey in two nights.  That upped her concerns somewhat as well.  I like to keep her guessing!

Here are three pictures of the absolute Ruler of all three human brovvers and mom's heart back when my brovvers were little,  on upward to young men.  This is Robin, a six pound Tortie with a yellow paw and a yellow chin with a marbling of orange furs in her coat.  She reared the boys herself from her age of 7 weeks when she got here till she passed of CRF in 1998. She is the single most loved cat in the universe it seems to us.  When she left us for the Bridge the family ALL stayed bereft for years.   Mommy and I just wanted to commemorate her.

We in the family will see you again sweetest Robin along with Hopping John, Admiral, Katy,  (a brown tabby) and ExCalibur.  Miranda too and Blackie.

she was so tiny but so mighty a huntress

Helping brovver back in the day

Beloved precious Robin rest in peace little girl. 

May 17, 2016

Good Meowning

Good meowning Furriends.  I hope it is a fun day for you full of sunshine and naps.  Snuggles and fuds. Brushies and playing. Chasing and patrolling.  Tunnel visits and smoochies all around.

A busy night...all for mom

Charm is my game
Does this pose make me look fat?

NO one gets away with trespassing

May 13, 2016

Girlcats Just wanna Have Fun and Talk

Kitties!  I had the bestest time!  Nellie Bellie is my bestest girlfriend EVAH.  And she came over and spent the night with me after we shopped all day via mom's credit card and the internet and gossiped the entire time, non stop.  We has a lot to catch up on. Just so easy to shop that way, and I need a jeweled collar for a special occasion.

 Shopping on-line gave us more time to nap off our meowgaritas and grin and tonics before we had more.  Mom was gone, so she didn't get in the way of Nellie and me and our gossip sessions and meowgaritas after my house guests left.  Some guests even were kind enough to help me clean up.  Fanks yoo Mario.  Turned out to be a limited house trashing.  I think we kitties are a bit more mature...maybe...than we were.

I was just meowing  to Nellie about some of our mancat furriends and telling her how I got kicked to the curb by several.  BUT that's OK.  I have another'n. And she told me about HER adventures in love.  Some were surprises that I know she never even told to her mommy! Kitties, we talked about mancats and some too flirty girlcats ALL night long!  What fun.

This is for my mancat. My heart beats for hims.

 And Nellie told me about her Heart Mancat who just loves her to the moon and back over and over.  She loves him just as much too.  I'm invited to the wedding.  💗

That was my most fun visit ever...I am so glad she was able to have time to come over cuz I know she is busy with plans.  We tighter than a drum, Nellie and me.  Love her so much!  Before I go, I think you may have seen us over at Nellie's bloggie today but just in we are below, dancing!  And the aftermath of so much dancing found us resting our beautiful selves.
Talked out and give out.  Resting.

Dancing for our Grin and Tonics! 

May 10, 2016

CJ Flew Away....

Look what *I* finally have again.  Mom and I emptied it for another kitty some time ago and my allowance fell by the wayside.  Brother gave me this bank a few minutes ago, and it will be back to my dollar a week!  Here's this week and two additional dollars for starters.

We save for kitties.  💗

Rest in peace dearest brave and loved CJ.  I will miss knowing you were here on earth with us.  Now you are at the Rainbow Bridge.  Sad ears....I will miss you sweet one.