July 27, 2015

Oh a Precious Little One is Gone.

Goodbye beautiful beautiful beloved Ivy.  As with your other sibs when they too went to the Bridge, I cried.  I am doing that for you.

July 16, 2015

Blog Vacation

Kitties, Woofies, mommy said we are going to take about two weeks off from blogging.  She already said that on her own bloggie and asked me to tell my furriends here on mine.

We'll be back with stories and fibs to tell along with any adventures we happen on to have, so don't forget us...we'll be right back after these messages.

watching my baby shows

July 14, 2015

Tuesday Tuxie Comin' Down

Kitties! This is my "don't mess wif me" face. And I mean it too!

I call myself Mistress to Cap'n Jack of the High Seas.  We command our own pirate ship and we have taken on ( conscripted) lots of kitties who heave that barge and tote that bale for our ship when we are at sea and when we come into the harbor.

I know one look of my stink eye and seeing that I have a black satin patch over my other eye keeps them all in submission and obedience while Cap'n Jack is plundering or burying treasure (it IS treasure you're burying isn't it my love?) in the sand!!

AVAST me hearties.  Trim that sail or lower the boom or something! 

July 12, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Kitties! I am about to try this again.  Let's hope Simba's and Summer's advice soaked in.  I wouldn't want to bet on it though.  They don't know how useless my mom is.  *I* do.  I am joining the Cat on my Head's Sunday Selfie.  

July 11, 2015

Caturday Kitty with Update at 2:20 PM

Happy Caturday Kitties!  I had my favorite brother here just for the night.  He is going back to his place this morning but it sure was good to see him!  He had bacon and eggs with toast and jelly this meowing and coffee and juice.  Me, I had the better breakfast.  Fancy Feast grilled chick-hen with gravy.

I had a couple of horking sessions today.  Naturally right after I ate and after mom was getting ready to eat.   One had a hairball in it.  I would like to think that the Greenie's Hairball treats help.  I don't think I am horking as much as I used to.  No one is paying me to meow this.  Just information.  (probably TMI)

Don't I look special here?

Kitties, mom and I are deeply saddened at the news that Julie of Twinkletoestails has gone to the Bridge.  Please, go see her family and leave some words for her mom and human sister.  XXOO

July 9, 2015


Today is Fursday and I have had brushies.  Mom says "Brushies"? and I trot very quickly down the hallway into the living room right to my brushie spot and my tail is straight up in the air showing my delight.  Oh how I love my brushies.

Mom uses the Zoom Groom lavishly.  Sometimes she will finish with the soft side of my regular brushie.  The pin side not as often since she got the Zoom Groom several years ago.  Mom gets a lot of furs out with that Zoom Groom.  Also every day she  combs me when I am on her lap.  I love that too.  All she has to do is show me the comb and I drop what I'm doing to get over there for my combs.   I have a fine toothed comb which is not my fave so she may as well throw that away.  I have a few flakes of dry skin so she bought that to remove them from the surface of my gleaming furs.  It doesn't do an adequate job and I find my regular comb does better.  I have a slicker that mom leaves out when she is gone for the weekend. The pet sitter uses that.

I want to enjoy this most excellent sunpuddle so see you later.  Join me if you like.  It's big enough for three of us.  xxoo