May 24, 2015

Sunday Betters

First of all, looky what ANN made for me!  A Sumer Header!  I have been so in love with the Spring one (as you could see) I never wanted to change it.  But look how bewteefuls this is!  Finally I can change and still feel bewteefuls. Fanky too Ann. We are so gratefuls!

Mommy asked permission to have me  say she feels better today though she still has the sickies.  She has a cough syrup that quietens the incessant coughing so that she can lie down and sleep instead of sitting up AND get to sleep most of the night.  Just one time of waking to cough her innards out for awhile but then, back to sleep.

She said she was finally after the fourth time diagnosed with bronchitis.  He doctor was on vacation and she had gone in on the weekend where there are excellent people there, but not MD's.  Anyway he doctor prescribed a Zpac.  It is helping but the coughing stayed the same till day before yesterday, she got a cough syrup that really knocks out the cough.  All that stuff is still there in the chest area so she is almost glad to have to cough some.  Just not all the time, 7/24.

Mom, you've had the floor plenty.  Now me.

I have stayed with her and nursed her through all of this and the thanks I have gotten is her croaking loudly "STOP IT"! when I played the xylophone on the bedroom mini blinds.  Hey.  I'm just trying to play soothing music to lull you to sound sleep.  Sheesh, mom!!! Be appreciative, will ya?

Let me herd her into the bedroom to get dressed.  This pink jammie thing is getting on my nerves.

And she said sincere thank you's to ALL of you who suggested things for her.  I always passed them on and she did try most if not all of the suggestions.  The caring and suggestions brightened her mood when she was so down.  Fanks you on behalf of my mommy and me as well.  Loves you.

The picture below is one she stole from Face Book.  No one here is having a birthday till May 29 when it's favorite brother's birthday but mommy and I thought that was so FUNNY!

Mommy saw this on FaceBook and thought it was hilarious!  

May 22, 2015

Color me sads

Mom can't quit coughing at all. All night long and from afternoon to bedtime and onward through all night she continues...the worst ever. The little prescriptive cough suppressant med patients call pearls is not working.  Commonly called pearls, just so you know.  Useless as TicTacs or Fancy Feast.

Last night though it was her worst ever in these two weeks hacking. I laid up close to her back even during the storm she was creating I stayed.  When she gave up in the wee hours and sat up in bed, covering up with a sheet, I left her a bit and come back and laid by her leg, keeping her warm and safe during the coughing storm.  When she got up at 6, she was touched deeply to see I had not only brought Donkey-- I had tried my best to get him into the bed with us.  He fell from my mouth right where my springing up place is at the bed corner. I laid close all night despite all the awful sounds and movement.  I won't leave her.  I have to help her if I can.

Mom so wishes she knew how to stop that coughing.  Her throat, sides, ribs, and lower abdomen hurt as well as her back and head from constant coughing.

Sorry to make a Nursing report.  They get boring.  WE had to ask Admiral to appear from the other side of the veil and teach me how to nurse mom as I don't even have a cap to show my authority.

Happy to help Mommy for Sisfur this time

He is Mom's and me, Katie's,  bestest furriend ever ever.

May 21, 2015

Mom and Me

Mommy is really really a pain in the patootie to sleep with these days and I wish I could help her.  If I could, my life would return to normal.

She coughed horribly most of the night again so she's headed back in to the office to see the Dr. in less than an hour.  Maybe something can be done this time.  Third time is the charm, right?


May 19, 2015

Somebuddy Has a Sickie

That be mommy.  Hers has coughed so hard and much she lost her voice and scared me with all the loud loud noise.  I can't sleep with her now because she rocks the bed so badly.  Admiral said she would be right at home and I shouldn't be a skeert kitty.  She said she herself has sailed many a rough seas, and the one I am being tossed about on ain't nothin'!

Mommy was prescribed a cough suppressant.  Drug store hurry up!  And a change in BP med is coming as well as what I was taking probably made mom cough so horribly.  Stop it mommy!


May 17, 2015


Kitties! I am tired of being bounced off and flung away from the bed by the horrible coughing all night long.  And all day she annoys me with the hacking.  Who can sleep?  Not her..but more impawtently, not ME!  She sat up for three hours trying to sleep and that didn't work.  So she laid down and that didn't work either.  It was a fitful ocean we had sailed upon for the night and I sure will be glad when she cuts that coughing OUT! Eat some hairball treats, will ya Mom?  Honey which was suggested yesterday, a spoonful,  helped some so she asked permission to tell the woofie and Flynn who suggested honey that it worked moderately well. Sigh.  The stuffs I have to go through.

I'll be here till further notice!  And I may even go on into my girl cave that is the opening right below me that you can see.

May 16, 2015


Sweet Ande of Marg's Animals, friend to all who lived or came to her home has passed away.  I know her Mom Marg is broken hearted.  Please go by and leave her some love and comfort.  Ande has been a welcoming loving friend to all-- furry or human.

Mom doesn't feel too well right now so she won't be conquering any Countries or even the house for awhile.  A dry cough, sinus drainage and incessant coughing at that.  She'll try Cupcake's idea about honey. She doesn't know how much vinegar so she will skip that.

Have a good Caturday friends.  XOX

May 15, 2015

Straw Hat Day

Happy Straw Hat Day efurrybuddy!

Boy, Mom made it a rough ride last night when we went to bed  She has a sinus thingy going on and stuffs drips a lot down her throat and makes her cough and cough day and night.  It shook me as I laid, or tried to, next to her.  Like being on a trampoline I told her as I gave up and left.

Due to blood pressure med, she is concerned about OTC preparations interacting with it as once happened so she's just going along till sinus's quit.  I may have to sleep elsewhere.  She has no consideration for me at all.

See?  I even help her fold the hard-to-do- for-mom's who don't know how, bottom sheets.  After three solid hours, I permitted her to finish.