July 24, 2014

Bed Wars? What Bed Wars?

I am right here in my sunny window.  I have NO idea what on earth Mom was talking about.  Do I seem to be crowding a bed?  No.  Am I near a bed?  No.  I am hereby expressing my opinion of the whole whining  session she had!

Take that, mommy! 

July 22, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties, mom came back from working out yesterday morning and found the living room floor bare of toys...except Lion.  Poor poor Lion.  I had taken everyone else out that was on the floor and put them in all the other rooms.  Except Lion.  Lion was there all by himself with just my pink tunnel.  Donkey was in the computer room, all the mouses were divided up between the rooms as well as my pizza pie.   And the point being, I left Lion there.  By himself.  Woe is Lion.  Mom said to a friend she supposed Lion needs to go on vacation for awhile so I hope he has a good time.  Brother from NC got him last.  He locked his door against me but I left Lion outside his door.  He wasn't even honored.

Now other brother was delighted at his red heart mousie IN his room where the door stayed welcomingly ajar.

Mom started out on the edge of her bed and I could not gain purchase on the tiny ledge she purposefully left.  But in the night, I got up there anyway and when she went to turn over she felt my silk against her arm.  She resignedly turned over and I oozed into her warm spot while she went to the colder middle of the bed and then, the rest of the night was spent traveling with HER on the opposite edge.  HA!  Tuxies Rule.

Queen of Tennessee and All Neighbouring Lands

Battle Ground

July 19, 2014

Caturday Joys with Update at 3PM

Kitties, just 30 seconds at my toy basket and I got these out to play with.  This is a sample of what is out.  You ought see the living room.

On another note, rest in peace dear furriend Sid, the Catahoula.  You were only six and a treasure to your pawrents and all who knew you.  Admiral and me included.  XX

July 18, 2014

Me and Brovver

Brovver baby sat for me last night while mommy went to get her sleeps studied.  She passed with an A, or so she says.  I don't need to be baby sat for but we both love it, me and brovver.  So, he came along, did his laundry and we kept one another company through the night.  I want you to know Kitties, I brought my RED HEART SHAPED MOUSIE in to him in his room.  NOTHING in mom's room cause she wasn't here!  I have brought Lion and other mouses to his door when he is here but the red heart MOUSIE?  He knows how honored he was.

Mom said she had a heckuva bad dreamy at the end of the sleeps study and boy, she said the door opened the tech was expecting who KNOWS what! Mom left the FitBit at home and tried to start again today but all the steps and work will have to be tomorrow while playing with me.  xxoo

July 16, 2014

Winsome Wednesday!!!

Kitties!  I want you to see my un-retouched art work.  Matter of fact mommy said she'd rather NEVER touch it..so be assured that this is MY creation in the middle of the night!

Mom heard me horking but decided to continue sleeping.  Here is my WORK Kitties.  The missile is fully loaded and points the way to UTB I might add.  No kitties will be harmed.  It's just exploring.

Accolades and awards accepted should you wish to do so.


July 13, 2014

Monday Meows Early

Kitties, I started drinking again after 30 hours and all boy cats cover their eyes..this is for mom's only:  I had two nice poos for 2 days now and nice pees too.  Boy cats may uncover their eyes.  *I am a delicate girl and I don't want my purrsonal fings discussed among boy cats!*

I just took a notion not to drink for some reason but mommy said she will follow all of the suggestions and warm water to make the foodables more soupy may be just right.  Also it didn't occur to her, she told me while I drank today that I was getting water from my wet foodables.

LION!!!! was in the hallway this morning!  I brought him down 2/3's of the way!  This is for Tabbies of Trout Towne who thought I had totally kicked Lion to the curb.  Not.  I did bring Donkey into the bedroom.  Mom said that we had the "who owns the bed" drama again the last two nights.

I am totally bonded to mom.  I have other family like brothers and friends of mommy and all that but she is the one I sleep with and when I do, I am up against her lending her my life's warmth to keep her safe.  I take hers to keep ME safe.  When she turns over, I slide right along and my front is pressed into her back.  I stretch all the way from the top off the bed to the bottom!!! WE may as well be surgically attached she said! Humph!

Just saying Hi Hi Hi .  Mom has a new FitBit and she is excited about wearing it to bed tonight on her wrist wrapped in its band to see what it says about her sleep.  So, so long until tomorrow.

July 12, 2014


Oh my.  Mom was wondering how I can hork up some kibble but the horribly expensive Royal Canin wet fuds stayed in!  How in the world did I do that?  TWICE, one time immediately following the other.  I DO choose the most inconvenient places to do that as often as possible. Usually under and in a forest of chair legs.  Behind furniture is also excellent as is on the polished wood of the window sill or coffee table.  Best time to do that is when she is gone or in bed.  Then, the finish comes off the wooden surfaces.

Mom said I am not drinking enough and my potty is not indicating these last 36 hrs. that I am doing much of anything in it.  I do have two water bowls.  There is no where to plug in a fountain unfortunately without stretching an electrical cord across the floors.   I think she will save going around the bend this time for more non compliance with potty rules.  Of course these things happen on the weekend.  We will see.