October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweenie

My dear furriend Nellie, The Cat From Hell, sent this to me as a gift.  Loves you Nellie.  Fanks you.

October 30, 2014

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Kitties!  Mom got to sleep all thru the night last night and here is how I celebrated!  Look!

LION!!!!!!!!!  LION I tell you.  I also brought Ducky and floppy mousie as company for him but LION!!

October 28, 2014

Tuxie Toosdee

Google must had a barrage of spam to deal with because comment moderation has been enabled for ME and I didn't set that to happen.  How about you kitties and woofies?  Did you get it too?  It's an easy one though...just a few numbers.

Kitties, I had a mother of all hairballs again.  That thing was, so mom said, a good 5 inches long, and as big around as the middle finger on a human paw!  It did come with some kibble but to get that hairball out is the optimal thing.

I am getting very wary of her anointing my paw with that stuff.  She puts it in the fridge so it won't run off her finger, and seizes an opportunity when I am not looking.  But the last two times, I struggled and it got on my arm and once on my bib!

Mom is encouraged  She shudders at what much have been in my stomach with the little hair I occasionally used to throw up or excrete.  Now, vast quantities are expelled. Mom didn't do it yesterday, so today she will.

Kitties, is one of you reading this from Trenton New Jersey?  If you are, please pee mail me. I think my addy is in my bio.  If not, comment and say "yes, it's me".  I would love to meow at you.  I saw there were visits from Trenton and mom lived a few miles from three for awhile.

Eat your wet fuds...they're good for you.  xxooxx

Queen Katie Isabella--of Tennessee and Neighboring Lands

October 25, 2014

Caturday Stuffs

Mom is disturbing me two times every night.  That stupid ringy dingy thing makes noise and she shoves me and then herself outta the bed and shuffles off to Buffalo or somethin'.  ALL *I* know is I am rudely hurled from the bed (Yeah. I am.  Don'tcha believe me?) And she herself exits,  after trying in vain to reach the ringy dingy thing over my supine and divine sleeping body to make the clanging stop.  All told, we are both us both up two times and we have some work to do with brovver.  After that, we go back to bed and become immobile.  We  stay up after the last one, so I can have breakfast and she can have a few moments with you.

I'm having to do the typing as she is slumped in the chair.  Sheesh!

Yesterday's Sunpuddle right next to where brovver was sitting.  Ahhh

October 22, 2014

Wednesday Stuffs

Kitties!  I am moving along with the hairball medicine.  Get it?  Moving along?  Mom gives me just a large pearl size on my paw every other day at least and that's enough it seems as I have been in high production since.

Mom hasn't been home much so I haven't gotten to many of my furriends here.  Just a few but I dictated a thank you last time and I hope you saw it.  I even made her take the same dictation on her own blog!  The furriends on the CB are like a warm family.  I will snuggle in a pile with any of them any time.  You can count on me.

Here is the sunset over the hospital with the parking garage where mommy parked the car for the day and evening when brovver went there Monday.  The beauty of the sky told the story of hope and happiness and peace.

October 20, 2014


Our purrs and prayers were truly heard.  There were four hot spots on a PET scan, all of which were biopsied and said to be negative.  So he had 6 1/2 hrs. surgery...lots of scar tissue removed from prior surgeries and all four places were negative.  They are double checking one, and we will know in several days.  They were afraid to take chances even tho the little tissue sample said negative, given his prior trouble.

Thank you from the bottom of brovvers heart and mine and mommy's.  If you could know..and maybe you do, how uplifted we ALL were because of you each.  Brovver too.  He read it all until his time was up and they wheeled him away.
'You are each dear to all three of us and that is a completely true statement.  Because of you and our own prayers, we were heard and brovver was shown mercy.

Love to you each one.   Thank you.

Please Pray and Purr for My Human Brovvur.

Kitties, woofies, duckies and piggies...Monday near 12, my human brother will have another critical surgery.  Please be with us in thought?