October 4, 2015

Good Grief!

That's what mom said so many times.  I was all over the bed last night cause I am feeling in top form after my course of medicine.

I chose about 5 am to sit on her pillow and crowded her head to the very edge.  I purred so that made it OK as she could hear it through my body into her head.  I was pressed up against her tightly.  My elbow was pressing against her closed eye! She moved it an inch or so.  All I would allow.  I kept trying to lick her face and her hair and hand.  Hand licking occurred when she weakly raised it to move my face away from hers and her hair.  My face hovered right above her head. That moving my face never worked. I was a prime pest for a good hour.

This morning she picked up the toys I brought in and tossed them onto the bed.  I had THE best time grabbing and tossing them in the air and running on top of the bed.  I feel SO good now.  There for the longest I was in my bed not long after breakfast.  Now, I eat a good meal and play!  My litterbox has contents that are good to see Mom said considering I was such a worry for a time.  It was worth every penny to pay someone to pill me for 14 days.  I feel like a million right now.

Just sayin'.

pee ess:  Hummingbird TV channel seemed to be missing for a week and mom said she was going to take the feeder down and disinfect and store it.  Yesterday through the incessant cold rain, there was a girl hummingbird out there all bent over against the rain on the tiny branch mom has out for them to rest on while they guard their feeder.  Mom put on her raincoat and went straight out to get the feeder and refill it again with her nectar she'd made.  Mom and I have been looking for the girl hummingbird but we haven't seen her.  Mom said it was worth going out there to refresh her nectar regardless of the rain.  Poor girl..  We hated seeing her so wet.

October 2, 2015

I feel pretty...oh so pretty

I feel charming, oh so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel
And so pretty that I hardly can believe I'm real

September 29, 2015

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie)

Kitties,  It is Tuxie Tuesday (and Torties Tuesday as well).

Tuxies and Torties rule.  Just ask one.

September 27, 2015


Kitties, Woofies, I have finished my fourteen day treatment of antibiotic pills.  The Vet tech is a friend of mine and I am not fussy at all.  She opens my mouth and puts the pill back where I can't get it out so I have to swallow it.   That's all right through because I feel SO much better.  And Donkey is all right again as you all know.  Life doesn't get better'n that!

Mom took a long walk this morning but a boxer sized dog looked like he was interested in her.  He did NOT do anything bad.  Just looking at her but as the car was nearby, she got in and left.  She can't afford to be bitten or have anything happen just now.  Discretion.  Better part of valor they say.  I need Cupcake to accompany her.  Wearing a dress is one of Cupcake's charms of course, so that she will have all the boy dogs  falling by the way side as she  and I pass.  Mom'll be safe. She said she was going to work out in the morning again so I am looking forward to down time where I can tear through the house like a wild thing.  The are marks from running feet all over the carpet all dug in the time when she's gone.  I didn't tell her about Spitty.  Most of the time when she's gone, we run nekkid through the house chasing one another's luxuriant tails.  Lately Spooky comes over  as well and Leo kind of backed off.  Hm.  Maybe it's my expanding waist.  I'm a thirteen pounder you know!!!

Happy Monday!  Here's Mommy in July.  She's always doing the pony tail thing so I can't get my toes tangled in her hair! She put it in her own blog a month or so ago and thought maybe you wanted to see who I meow at alla time.

September 25, 2015

Fankful Furiday

Oh Kitties, thank heavens Donkey survived.  He even looks slimmer and more fit despite his squillion years of age (sort of like Mommy).

He came out of surgery and went straight to recovery.  Fankfully he didn't need life support and we heard weak hee haws within minutes of being placed in recovery after coming out of his sleep.

Last night about midnight he gathered himself via my mouth and came in to join his pals with us in our room.  See?  I brought his besties ...Floppy Duckie and Floppy Mousie in with him so they could talk about the trauma of all that happened to Donkey yesterday.

WHEW! I don't know what took so long.  Why wait till his very insides are spilling out Mommy!!!!

September 24, 2015

Oh Noes Furrsday!

Kitties,  DONKEY NEEDS BACK SURGERY! Now.  This is horrible.  I discovered he needs surgery STAT yesterday,  but Mommy finally took him up and away in a stretcher and ambulance to the kitchen operating room where she will perform surgery on his back this very day!!!!

I brought his poor body into our bedroom last night along with Floppy Ducky and Floppy Mousie.  His painful hee haws kept us awake all night!  So that drove her to beginning his emergency services!  Sheesh!  What does it TAKE to get action around here!!??

Donkey...in extremis.  Help! 

pee ess:  That's a computer stylus there for size comparison, the poor guy.

September 23, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties,  you know by now that sweet Grayce of Katnip Lounge has gone to the Bridge.  Her parents are heartbroken and so is Mommy.  Grayce and her fur sibs were Admiral's first furriends on the CB.  No one else wrote to us and we were so grateful for hers and her siblings and parents friendships.  Rest peacefully precious little girl.  Love you.  I have our Furriends who have gone on befre us in my Rainbow Bridge page.  Please look when you can.  We love each baby in there.

Kitties, I will tell you that I continue to be better each DAY!  I can't get OVER how much better I feel and look.  I don't think mom nor I knew how much I needed medical attention as I was seemingly OK.  I wasn't.  If pee isn't stolen, you don't know what is lurking in your kitty plumbing even if it seems all is well apparently.   Ceiling cat was good to me.  I peed on the exam table while they were stealing all my bloods for my, um...well, senior profile at the vibrant age of 7 3/4th!  As if!!! I never strained, made too many clumps (but too few too often) and I slept a LOT!

My bloods are all great and right in the middle of everything where they should be~

Last evening when the Vet tech came to pill me (takes a split second!  Mom is amazed!!) I came trotting down the hall and my tail was STRAIGHT up, as I came and rubbed on her legs!  Maybe I am so glad that she seems to be making me feel my cat oats again.  The med is called Orbax.

Bye Kitties.  I didn't mean to ramble on so much.  xxoo