March 29, 2015

Ladies Kitties and Woofies

As the old OLD saying goes (that dates mommy like little other can):

I have come before you to stand behind you and tell you something I know nothing about.

Thank you.  You may remain seated for my exit stage right.

March 26, 2015

I don't know how to do this...

So since I don't know how to repost Brian's blog (I did tweet it) I will put in his blog URL.  I know that everyone who sees me certainly sees him too, but it's all I know how to do.

Please go if you haven't been and PLEASE help if you can.  This is just tragic.

March 25, 2015

Fangs, closed eyes, and a spray of white whiskers.

I am sound asleep with my legs propped up on my puzzle box. My eyes are closed of course and this is auto-typing brought about by my thought processes.   There is a fine spray of white whiskers to enjoy looking at.  One ear is tucked down into the carpet.  My little arms are folded down.   I look altogether delectable. Mommy thinks so.

To see fangs and whiskers, ya has to biggafy! 

March 22, 2015

Sunday Gifts for Mom

Mommy thought she would show you what I brought in the night.  Usually I leave them on the floor by the bed so she can lean over and toss them.  But last night, I was very kind.


Donkey and Poofy Mousie! 
pee ess:  I fink Mom rolled on them a LOT in the night!  She didn't hear them saying "STOP that!")

March 20, 2015

Furry Friday

Kitties, it will not stop raining.  We did have 2 days of sun but they were punishable by 6 days and nights of rain, as always.

Here I am...waiting it out till sun comes again.  Mommy just took this.

March 17, 2015

Look What Mommy Found Today!

Kitties,  look what mommy found for us today! it's a wind directional finder.  It has one of us kittehs on it and a blue birdie too.  When the wind blows, the kitteh turns in the direction it is blowing AND it's pink padded feets flap AND it's black tail wags!!!  Mommy said it was worth every cent!!!

She bought mealworms for the blue birdies too.  She read that during the ice storms many many of our blue birds starved to death as they could not get food and the temp was so cold they huddled in houses, eight or nine at at a time to share body heat but they perished. And when found, they were emaciated.  We have to try to help.

March 11, 2015

Coming Right Up!

I love the service  around here except I must provide my own garnish to my fuds or waters.  I need to work on her some for that.  But didn't I do well with my choice this morning?

Now.  After saying yesterday that I am giving her space in the bed,  I freely admit I changed my mind.  Last night she woke at 4.  She was on her back and I was wedged perfectly tightly up into her armpit.  My heiny was jammed into her armpit and my back feets were resting and with wiggling flexing toesies and all, on the left chesticle.  My head was farther down of course but she could not close her arm...put it down off the other pillow where it rested, like it or not.  My arms were partly jammed into her waist area.  (waist?  That's a waist?)  So, she laid there like that till she asked me to move.  Finally I did.  So she turned over and finally got a good sleep.