November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I am grateful for sunpuddles, Kitties.

Mom took this while I rested right after my brushies.  There was someone else here but I didn't come out till it was this friend.  The other one here, I just stayed on my Boomie blankie in the spare room's beddie.  More interesting.

Oops, mommy just noticed my beautiful face is out of focus!!!

November 14, 2014


Kitties, colder'n a stone out there! Mid 20's.  I wish I could get out there anyway as I have a new kitty who has invaded my yard!  A Tuxie.  Mom and I think it's a boy.  He's short haired. He was sitting as pretty as you please in the next yard up looking at me as I was on my patrol!  How DARE he do that??? I showed HIM!  I screamed, I ran to the spare room window and fought like the wild cat I am at heart to get through the mini blinds.  Well, they were down because brovver is still here ( he will go next week) and asleep!  I hissed, I growled, I tangled myself up in the blinds and screamed and screeched.  Tuxie enjoyed the show.  Brovver opened his eyes and mommy said "Good morning".

Mom sprayed the Nutri-Vet  calming spray around and though I was on edge for awhile,  my brovver said in a text to mom (mom went to get her hair done) I calmed down some.  Mom said " just when you think these behaviors are comes another."  We surmise that I know the other two introoders now but this was a new one.

Mom said she is starting to pick up visitation.  She has a big test tomorrow hoping to earn her amateur radio license.  She said to brovver last night (who is a HAM already) "Who put all these electrical questions in the question pool that requires thinking!!!!!" Ohms law makes it easy in a way but you'd better know it and how to use it.  It's the how-to that'll git'cha.

Wish the old woman luck tomorra please.  She'll have to try all over again next month iffin she don't make it tomorra!

Here's to bent blinds and screaming.  And here is to my mom's dear dear friend,  La Cabeza Grande  who gifted her with this perfect coffee cup earlier.  Mom's total FAVORITE.  Admiral's too and Nikita, her kitty, is Admiral's hubby.

November 10, 2014

Monday Shopping. Look What Mom Brought Home

Taken at night  while our company was here.  It was mom's best friend from work.  I have seen her before but this time I not only greeted her, I hopped straight up into her lap.  And she's a doggie owner!

November 6, 2014

Time and again

Time passes so quickly Kitties.  Mommy helped me yesterday to go see some kitties which I appreciated because she has been so slack about it all.  She hasn't even done much with her own bloggie she said.

Brother is doing very well and I think after he returns to his normal life she will return to hers as well and feel more able to help me.  She feels very very guilty as do I for writing bloggies occasionally and only visitatin' maybe 20 kitties in return.  That's not fair and it makes she 'n' me feel very badly.  We are sorries.  It's our fault, hers and mine...nothing and no one else's.

So here I am up on momma's pajamaed lap burrowing my head into her both knees.  I love to do that. Makes me feel closer and more secure if I can bury into momma.

November 2, 2014

Princess Treasure ...I will miss you.

Kitties, mommy noticed on Face Book back in August that her friend as well as Admiral's friend and mine as well had flown to the Bridge.

 Princess Treasure was at home waiting for her momma to come home from work when her home caught fire and she perished along with the entire apartment.  Her mom, Neora, came home to find this awful tragedy.  The fire personnel found her and put her aside for her mommy to claim and to take care of her little sweet body.

You can go to Princess Treasure's page if you like and express your condolences.

Princess Treasure

King Spitty, Queen Admiral Hestorb, me,  Simba and Mariodacat all used to go on fascinating adventures with Princess Treasure and her servants.   Mommy knew her from eight years ago when she first discovered HRH Princess Treasure and her momma on MSN Live Spaces and Admiral used to join in their quests as they went about their almost fairy-like business.  We were delighted that the came to Blogger later after Live Spaces closed.

Rest peacefully sweet Princess Treasure.  We will always remember you, I promise.


October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweenie

My dear furriend Nellie, The Cat From Hell, sent this to me as a gift.  Loves you Nellie.  Fanks you.