September 27, 2016

Advice Needed

 This is my best "pretty please"? face.

Kitties,  some dear kitty friends of mine are having a problem that many of our furriends here have had or are having.  They were hoping that maybe someone could help.  Their Dad will be reading the comments to see if there is something in the manner of advice they can use.

Here are the two girls.    Gracie and Millie.  Gracie, bottom picture is the older of the girls and Millie who is on top of course, is the youngest.  She is about four years of age.  Background is she was a kitten when she joined Gracie and her family.

Millie stalks, chases and bullies Gracie, the older girl.  That is bad enough but someone, no one knows if it is Gracie or Millie, is spraying around the house.

Both girls have been taken to the Vet to rule out urinary tract inflammation or infection and both girls are in good health.

Millie seems to resent Gracie using any of the litter boxes.  Since that is plural, more than one box, that is Millie being a so and so.  The vet recommended the usual..a Feliway diffuser and as has been mommy's luck with it through ALL her kitties thru the years, it does not work.  Poor Gracie is still being bullied and made to be afraid.

Has anyone any idea what the family can do?  I think it is a one story home and has several bedrooms but not that large so Gracie isn;t about to have her own suite nor should she be deprived of the house.

The Dad is really in need of help if you have any suggestions.  Please place them in comments.  XXOO

September 23, 2016

ON Her Way

Kitties, mommy is on her way to Charlotte.  Wish her a good travel along with me please.

I don't have my usual sitter as she is with her family this weekend.  But I will get by with a substitute.  Mommy'll be back Sunday afternoon assuming all goes well.

Loves to all of you, her just said.

A reminder of my Royal Being.

September 20, 2016

My, errr, um, Night Activities! ( hope you are intrigued)

Kitties, I liked teasing you but here IS my favorite activity while Mom waited for us to go to bed.  I'm just winding UP then Mom.  Sheesh!

September 18, 2016

Mommy Said Grrrrr

Kitties, I sat-laid on mommy's head and pillow last night.  I washed her hair for her.  For some reason that surpasses anything I have ever learned, she did NOT like that service!  She weakly tried to shove me off!  OFF!  Of course, I didn't budge, being as dedicated as I am to the shampoo for mom.  I resumed washing  She tried to cover her head but the sheet didn't go quite go up over.  She has this system of pillows that she uses for her legs and under knees area so she didn't want to slide down and wake up more trying to readjust them.

Personally?  I think she was insulting in rebuffing my best effort.

I may advertise for another mommy!

September 17, 2016



I am still trying to get over having gone to the v-e-t office.  I only had my nails done and furs shortened in a critical area...ahem....but I disliked the experience more than I can say and I have not come home more distressed before.  I have refused to go back to my PTU  for resting the way I always do again  and I was sad for two days.  I am still not back to par.  But I am eating, drinking and using my box.

WE are watching a football game so I will go back in there with brovver who is visiting so I can watch the game with him and mom, and I will meow to you later.

September 13, 2016

I KNEW it!

She IS going to leave me.  Not yet but within a few weeks.  The person who is taking over for my regular sitter came to meet me yesterday..  I was polite, interested but not much else while she was here.  Now, the two men who are here to check the heat and's regular twice a year inspection...I was what I love to be.  A shameless hussycat!  I was all over them like white on rice.  Showing my magnificent plume, turning into a loaf at their knees and for pete sake, I even washed one of the men's arm!  He gave up and petted me.

I do have a preference for men humans, true.  All my brothers I guess.

The heat is running while they check that and I am enjoying it despite how warm it is getting.  Mom...not so much.  They will check the cold part afterward.  Mom maintains that it is not as cooling as it was and has had to have the the a/c running too much...more than usual and she's still saying it is not cold enough.  One thing they can do is measure the temp that comes out.

See you later kitties.  Mom said she's sweating.  So, she's outta here.

September 10, 2016

Easy Sunday and Watchful One

I'm patrolling.  I will never allow a marauding bunny, kitty, doggy, chippy, raccoon, or even birdie steal my mom!