July 26, 2016

How I Rope Her In and Keep Her There

Kitties,  the night before last, mom turned over in the bed to her left side.  Little did she know *I* was sleeping on the other bed pillow.  She had wakened slightly to put the sheet over her shoulder and twitch her nighty so that it didn't pull across her.

She settled and was asleep again I noted within a few minutes.  I decided to stretch my arms out kitties, and I rested my sweet furry feets with luscious  pink and black pads on her forehead.  I made my touch as light almost as dandelion fluff but I saw her wake and smile there in the dark.  She knew what that warm sweet touch was.

I heard her tell Mariodacat that she didn't care if she never got the rest of the nights sleep as long as my feets were where they were.  I scooted on my "elbows" slightly and rested my paws on her cheek and mouth corner.  "Like eiderdown" she said later to me.  I had my overly long claws tucked all the way up into my feets so they could not hurt momma.  Mom will call and make a time for me to go get them trimmed as my favorite tech Tiffany is still recuperating from her very broken ankle.  And I purred softly for her too.  She snuggles and comforts me for night time, so this time, I gave back.

Mom wasn't going to let me tell you kitties and woofies on accounta she worries that there are too many sweetie pie posts here.  But I meowed her into it which wasn't hard.

July 24, 2016

Adventures in Cheating

Look what Mommy did!  Cheated on me!  In multiples!  How DARE she! The total complete nerve!

If you want a coupe of bonded panfurs to love on, do you have to hold them, snuggle their faces, ask them their names?  Kiss them too?  How about that light butterscotch 7 month old little girly cat with the butterscotch gold eyes!  Aren't I good enough for you?  Humph!

These ladies are the rescue ladies who bring the babies to the pet food store.  I said I would make sure their faces weren't in but they said they didn't care.  That is John on the left and Henry on the right.   I think the girl is Natalie.

Mommy, that's just not right!  Mad at you.

July 21, 2016

Oh MY! It's Katie in Her Bikini!

Mancats,  get ready to stare and head on over through your tunnels.  There is a Southern Belle right here waiting for you.  💗

Mom said she will try not to go crazy pants every day with the videos.   She may have to be restrained.   Her has the secret now.


July 20, 2016


Katie's THIRD favorite brother told me to get the app for my iPhone.  I thought I had it.  I didn't.  That was something else to do with uTube.  Soon as I got the actual  App...finally.  But only from the iPhone or iPad, not the iMac.

And by the way, James was headed back to the cat fud bowl when you see him walking away.


July 16, 2016


I have taken up my post and I am earning my keep as patroller Extraordinaire!  Introoders Beware.

July 15, 2016

All I Can Meow is....

All I can meow is....BEWARE kitties!  Be very afraid.  He's in the tunnel and he's headed YOUR way.  FLYNN, 💗 Spitty, Boomie,  Austin,  Leo,  Toby,  Mario, Sammy, Khaki, Bibi Chan, Niko and Goro and all other mancats that I has crushed on ...fair warning.  He's coming to check you out.

Me,  (his Aunt Katie), I am his Attorney and he is checking to see I am not under any untoward influence.

July 12, 2016


Look Kitties, he's HERE!!!! I'm asleep, yes, so mom did take this picture.  I sleep with my arms in the air a lot. Legs too when they have room, but brovver was there blocking them so I didn't.