April 17, 2015

Mom, you're almost fired!

Mommy, you are keeping me from my furriends.  I am about to rebel! I may run away,  (nah, I won't) But you are embarrassing me by not helping me as often as you should.

Favorite brovver is here and boy, after all those weeks without him, I really laid the sweetness on him.  Greetings, smoochies, hopping up on the bed for petting, lying still on the floor for smoochies all over and more petting.  LOTS of time is what I allowed.  And this morning, my goodness...a wonderful loving good meowing.  But even so I told her we need to get cracking' here and start blogging.

So, top of the day to you all and I guess I got HER told!  I got serious with her, and seeing me and my mustache reflected in the marble of the table REALLY convinced her how serious I am!!

My serious look! 

So there, Spitty!

April 13, 2015

Back From the Trenches

Kitties, I am back from the ebil v-e-t.  Outside of gaining 5 ounces, there is nothing wrong.  My teefs got looked at and they are in good shape so no dental right now.  He said no gingivitis either.  A tench of tartar at an upper molar.

I started acting right two days ago.  But it never hurts to have a check up.  Also I got those four corkscrew shaped mats out and off my tail root area.  I am shaved about two inches long patch and a inch or so wide, to the SKIN!  MEN v-e-t-s have no regard for a girl's beauty!  I hope Spitty doesn't laff at me.  Speaking of Spitty, he gave me an awardie.  The Creative Blogger Award.

You have to tell three hitherto unknown things about yourself but goodness...I tell all there is to know!!! But here goes anyhow.

1.  I am starting to have very dry skin.  Mommy saw flakes on my pearl white skin where the fur was shaved off and  she doesn't know what or how much of what, to give me.

2.  I am a serial head butter and side rubber and scent lay-er-on-er.   NO kitty does it more than I do.

3.  My way of waking you up makes you happy to be wakened.  Even if it's too early. Paw pats so soft, whisker ticklings, loud purring, a million headbutts, cheek rubbings and side rubs and lots of walking on ya.

I award this Awardie to:

 Laila and Minchie

Manx Mnews

Celestial Kitties

Can't WAIT to hear about them. XXOO

April 12, 2015

Sheet Day and Sun Puddle

Kitties, I helped mommy fold the sheets.  I like the challenge of the fitted ones.  Here I am helping to get them furred and folded.  Afterward I was so totally exhausted thatI slept about four hours on my back with all four little legs (with paws folded downward) , up.  But in this picture I was busy busy busy working my furs off.

Here I am on the veranda of my home enjoying the suns yesterday.  I decided to allow my cinnamon underwear to show through again.  Can't let Spitty show his and me not show MINE!!!

I opened all my windows and doors to freshen the inside of my house. 

April 11, 2015

April 10, 2015

Oh Noes...

Kitties!  I has to go to the v-e-t- Monday at 1000.   I need a pawdicure and four cork screw shaped mats in my tail fevvers need to be cut out.  And my furs looks untidy.  And I have had a couple of massive horks these past several days.  They had hair balls in them BUT they were massive.  I horked all over my nip nanner this morning and it is thrown out.  Mom has to buy me a new one.  Mom is concerned cause I am in my beddie too much in her opinion.  I would like some extra purrs if you will.

Me on Monday

Other favorite brovver was here to visit my baby nephew who was born March 30.  He stayed a week, and he's as smitten with the baby as mom is and his parents are.(Kitties!  Maybe he'll get married and have one!!)

Mom said that as soon as my third favorite brovver and his wife and son move to a bigger home about years end, they will get a kitty.  They didn't want to get one now and have the cat have to get used to a new home.  May as well start out in the one she or he will always be in.   They are cat people so the baby will learn how to treat cats, believe me.  No tail pulling there.  I guarantee.

Bet I am perilously close to a dental.  Mom looked in my trap as I was yawning really big.  Time has about gotten here.  Neither she nor I are looking forward to that.

See you at your place.  xo

April 8, 2015


I am a mighty huntress!  There was a HUGE helicopter sized wasp flying in MY HOME!  He dive bombed me and he dive bombed mom!  He was so huge the currents of air his wings caused knocked over the TV!  And the table and chairs.  It was SCARY, Kitties!  We cowered in fear until other favorite brovver came home from his lunch engagement and I commanded that he kill that beast on wings!  I told him he had a debt to the ladies in the household and that was/is to protect us from the sure assassination that was about to happen by the monster who buzzed so loud we had our  fingers, or in my case, my toesies, in our ears.

I was triumphant.   If it weren't for ME, he'd still be terrorizing us. The wasp was dispatched handily and mightily by a LHJ magazine.  Mom opted to throw the magazine into recycle rather than deal with any wasp gut remnants.

Just saying'.

Now I can relax, yawn and nap in safety thanks to Brovver.