December 6, 2016

Tuxie Toosday

Good Meowning Woofies and Kitties!

The flashy box keeps flashing and following me everywhere with no room to breathe or to relax without introoshun.  The following are proof of this statement.  Mom said that was kittenish of me. No it's not.  It's true. I am in my favorite place which is the back of the couch bathing in sun.  Why is that so hard for her to respect regarding my privacy?  So I wore my bikini to take in the rays.  Does that mean every cat has to see it?  Maybe I was a little bloated that day and wanted to stay away from furriends eyes!  Sheesh mom!

Catching the rays Mom!  Gimme a break!


OK!  I'm awake!  I'm awake! 

This one is for sale to hang behind the bar in a Kitty saloon!  

December 4, 2016


It has been one of the saddest weeks in mom's and my memory when four of our dear furriends have gone to the Bridge together.  They are without pain and are they are waiting to see the rest of us, but we feel quiet, lost and bereft.

Rest in peace dear furriends.  We'll be along.   And seeing your faces will be joyful.

December 3, 2016


Caturday is here again Kitties and Woofies, and the bacon will be cooking with the eggs coming along behind piling up in a plate.  There may be biscuits with butter and jam.  Brovver is here.  I have had the best time with him.  We have played, and I have spent time with him up on his bed getting scritchies and petting.  It is so fine to be so loved.  I feel like a Princess as well as a Queen.

Kitties, may I ask for special prayers and purrs for Bhu, at Patty Skypants who has been in the hospital for days now.  I am so grieved for him and his Mommy.  He may not make it and he is away from his family while they are trying so hard to get him to rally.  Here he is when he was much younger.  Isn't he beautiful?  I want so badly for him to feel better again.

Thank you Kitties!  Love to each of you.

December 2, 2016

A Day of Loving

Broken Heart here.  You are Both precious gems.  Love made you that way.  Your love for your families and their love, and ours, for you both.  We will  meet again by and by.

December 1, 2016


Kitties, Mommy and other favorite brovver came upon a violent scene a few days ago!

Someone dedded these two individuals and...gasp...the bodies were still lying outside their home on the ground!  No respect was shown the victims.  I am an attorney as you may recall and I will file a paper of some sort when I get an opportunity, to force the town's constabulary to act!  Poor victims out there in the snow.

November 28, 2016

I am So Happy

Kitties,  my tailio is fluffed and standing up straight at full plume attention with happy enthusiasm because I am all dressed up today in a new header.  Ann of Zoolatry  made this beauty for us to enjoy.  I am truly very grateful.

Mom was complaining (what else is new) about me again last night.  We fell asleep.  I was perched next to her face and we were truly cheek to cheek.  She has learned to like that though it hampers her movement.  So, during the night she had moved her arms and the left one was to the side, bent at the elbow and her fingers were near the headboard.

I simply moved in.  She told Mariodacat yesterday that she had woken in the middle of the night and wanted to lower her arm.  She found she could not.  With sleepy curiosity she tried again to lower her arm and could not.  That woke her a bit and she tried a third time and found she couldn't and it seemed there was no feeling under her arm or anywhere there.  That alarmed her so she woke enough to reach with her right hand to that area and found the cause of her paralysis.  *I* was jammed up into a ball very tightly into her armpit.  She couldn't feel her own arm pit as I occupied that welcome warm space.  Why not?  It was there wasn't it?  Flannel pajama top to make it especially appealing!  The problem was....what???  She gave of course and left her arm upraised.  I was gracious and moved after a short while.

Oh and she saw I had experimented that morning yesterday as she leaned over to kiss my headie as I snoopervised her morning routine of face and hair as always, mono railing on the tub edge.  There in the tub was a splotch of, well...yellow.  Oh yes, I did!  No idea why.  My box is clean.  I suppose I wanted to just as I said, experiment.  Mom wasn't happy with my effort however. She didn't say anything to me but she sure told Mario.

Here I am with Other Favorite Brother on Thanksgiving Day.  Well, about to cross the table and get on him.

pee ess  Thank you for reading about Ossie yesterday.  His mommy was devastated and still misses him terribly.  Aren't his eyes so loving as he looks at his Mom?

November 25, 2016

Ossie Cat: A Story of The Bridge and Ossie

On November 27, 2015 precious Ossie Cat flew over the Rainbow Bridge.  It was very lovely there with butterflies to enhance the beauty of the Land. And there were others of all species enjoying the  warmth of the sunshine spread all about the Land, and the tender grasses in the meadows and pastures.  Ossie saw this perfection as he looked down, so he decided he would land and enjoy this Kingdom that was made for all animals no matter who or what they were.  All are beloved here he knew without having to think of it.

There were many that knew his mommy Evy they told him.  They who knew her were the Ones Who Came Before.  And there were others who would be new furriends forever who invited Ossie to play with them.  Sleek and gleaming with perfection, they were all filled with joy and well being.

There were family pets playing and napping wherever they wished. And there were equally precious ferals of all species there too.  Paradise to them, as they left their fright, sickness and hard lives behind like shed furs when they took leave of that life and came here to be warm, loved and cared for.

There was a being who invited everyone to a story.  Ossie went straight over to join the others already there.  He saw there were other beings throughout the land as well, all with warm inviting laps that held as many beloveds who wished to climb up to hear a story.  There was room for all as there were no rules of size or such concepts. He settled and this is what he heard.

The being patted the arm of the chair and said softly "Come LittleOnes. Come hear a story."

When they had all settled, paws neatly folded in front of their chests, eyes slitted and their humming purrs silenced for a space of time, the being picked up the big book and settled it.

Opening to page one the being's hands smoothed the pages rich with newly minted words, and glowing with color.

They all became still and silent, listening.  The being's voice was low and soft as the story was read to the little furred ones gathered.

 "Once upon a time, I decided to leave my first home deep in the center  of the woods.  I had stayed there too long already and I was losing my purpose, though I was not sure what that purpose was.  Only that I knew I was...."

On and on the being's voice drifted over the gleaming coats of the animals and into velvet ears. Warmly curled, noses quivering as was their way, whiskers flattened against cheeks of silk they half dreamed on as the loved being read to them.  © Carole Schulman

We will always love and miss you Ossie Cat. Always.