October 20, 2014

Please Pray and Purr for My Human Brovvur.

Kitties, woofies, duckies and piggies...Monday near 12, my human brother will have another critical surgery.  Please be with us in thought?

October 18, 2014

Ooopsy Daisy

Kitties!  Mom wants to know if anyone can answer her here.

Since I got back from the v-e-t visit, mom has tried to do as the v-e-t said and she has managed to smear a dab (not the recommended inch of product, just 1/4 maybe) of hairball gel on my paw for three days.  Last night I had a hairball only throw up.  Is that OK?  Oh there was a LOT of fur and no fuds.  Maybe this IS helping me.  Is this the way the product works?  Both ends or one end?  I am using Laxatone.   I have a poo every day.  Mom said she hasn't been in there yet to check for the 24 hrs. ending at 7 today.

I am eating well so far, especially my horrifyingly expensive Royal Canin.  $1.52 a small can hurts but I don't throw it up.  I like the even bitey good texture too.

Guess what Kittiea!!??  Last night a first.  Instead of bringing my toys to the bedroom (I have resumed that; when I was sick, I had quit).  I brought DONKEY right up to her midriff and laid him there!  Once I tried and he dropped out of my mouth at the bottom of the bed between bed and and mattress. And once I brought a live mouse into the bed and chased him all over till mom turned on the light and found blood everywhere.  She said that was NOT funs.  Her bad, not mine.

Lion is still languishing on the floor in the living room, still hoping for a chance.

Three pats with my pads to the face is always wake up call and it worked.  I have eaten and now on patrol.  Oh, and I lean hard with my side against her too.  If neither work, it's time for the rear up on my legs and come crashing down with my front paws into tender areas.

Did you see that precious Coral, that tiny jewel of a baby, flew away from her mommy last night?  Broke mine and many other hearts of mommy's and kitties everywhere.  Please go see her mom.

October 16, 2014

The PooPoo Choo Choo Has Pulled Into the Station

It's National Feral Cats Day kitties, and mom is deeply grateful for each and every rescuer out there who helps these helpless and innocent cats who have no one to care for them, uncertain food and no medical care.

Kitties!  Eureka!  I have done it (and mom found it) !  The poopoo choo choo has indeed pulled into the Station. (box).

Mom was yapping and meowing on the phone last night when a scent wafted its way to her delicate nostrils.  She didn't want to peer closely into my box yet but she looked at the surface and saw the litter was heaped into a corner.  The aroma told all...so she waited till this morning to see what I had gifted her with!  Voila!

Yesterday, I ate like I never have.  I ate an entire can of wet and plenty of dry fuds with no waste.  As my Royal Canin is  $1.52 a danged small can !!!!! she loves to see it eaten! I ate on it all day, a heaping teaspoon at a time.  Mom just served up my water dish while I was on the tub edge so I got a good drink.  I gave 2 clumps of pee as well for the 24 hr. period.  WHEW.  Now she'll stop worrying!  Well, let's put it this way, she will try not to think forward to tomorrow,

Got a text last evening at 8  from the v-e-t mom said.  It said to give me one more day and I decided I would  give it up within an hour of that, throw caution to the winds (and an aroma) and just do it!

Here is, for your viewing puzzlement a photo of the tip of my tail fevvers!  IF you can find them. My tail was extended and this was all mom got! I wanted you to see how came she is.   Sheesh. WAIT!  This is a pee ess!  Those are NOT my tail fevvers!  Those ARE fevvers.  Peacock fevvers!  Mom!  Get to the eye doctor, will ya!??!

October 15, 2014

Wednesday Whining Maybe?

Kitties, mom does not know how long until a normal stool.  I had that enema with soupy stuff as well at the end, on Monday.

Yesterday I just barely ate or drank. But I did drink enough that I gave the litter box one decent clump.  Does any kitty have experience with this?

Today, I had a decent breakfast and drank two times.  Mom is still waiting on the train to bring the poo.  It may have de-railed because I haven't yet.

Mom just dropped off a note asking the v-e-t how long.  She hates the idea of me going as badly as I do, so I hope I don't get told to go.  I may actually hurt mom with scratches and maybe even a bitey because I am that scared still.

pee ess:  I can't get Savannah's Pawtracks bloggie!  I go there but there is no link.  Did she stop?

October 14, 2014

Tuesday Update


Katie's tummy was calmed immediately after  she had her two shots.  One was pepsin really, and the other had that long name to it.  My memory won't recall it as it's unfamiliar.

She was agitated that her bottom was cleaned.  By then, it had mostly dried so what the tech wound up doing was brushing it out which hurt and was insulting to Katie so she moaned (which made my heart hurt).  But she was cleaned up.  The tech stayed and talked for half an hour or so.  Know what was endearing?  After all the horribleness Katie endured all day away from her home, when the tech knocked on the door she came out from her hidey place (my office chair seat insert for my back) and greeted her!  Just as she  does for everyone.  She plopped on the floor and showed her tummy and got many expert long enveloping pets.  Just the way WE do when we pet our babies.   She has two kitties of her own I found out, and you could tell. MOL

My Katie was the consummate hostess just as always, proud of her.   She got the two shots without even knowing it happened.  I was so proud of her fearlessness.  It is her home, and she didn't expect anything bad here.

I enjoyed talking to the tech, and she did not charge for the visit and meds.  She felt badly that Katie's bottom was not cleaned before she came home and said the other person obviously didn't see it as Katie was placed in the carrier.  I gave her some green papers anyway of course.  The day was expensive but Katie is worth every penny.

KITTIES!  It was HORRIBLE!  It was an epic HORROR show and I was looking everywhere for mommy!  They told mommy that I kept calling and looking but there was no escape.  Mommy told me it was "for my own good".  She said human furless ones had to hear that too, and that I had better to be glad I could go and be attended to!  HA!

After the nice girl left my house, I felt so much better and even though I wasn't allowed to eat, I was happy to crawl up on mommy and we watched DWTS.  I did through closed lids but I saw and heard efurryfing I know.  We went to bed later and I crawled right in and never left.  I had some fuds this morning and threw up but mom is not alarmed she said.  It's to be expected after all that drama and trauma yesterday.

Fanks you from mommy AND from me for the dear comments and loves and care for me and her.  We appreciate it just as much as you already know we do.  xxoxoxoxo to each one of you.  ❤

October 13, 2014


Poor little Katie.  She was checked over and nothing found but he asked about an x-ray.  I agreed of course.

She had quite a backlog of stool despite giving up some each day.  She got an x-ray, an enema...a sub Q and while she did poo right away and gave up more there is still some left.  He hopes it resolves by itself and I am to be sure to trick her with the hairball meds.

She is very very very upset and very nauseous.  She has ropes of spittle coming out and she's gagging.  I have been following her around cleaning it up.  She also came home with poo on her pantaloons. She smells to high heaven.  I had a warm towel and tried but she was angry and growled.

I sat on the floor and she came to lean on my leg for comfort but she commenced to growling at me though I gave very gentle pets.  She had also sprung a leak where she had the sub Q hence she had a very wet back.

She is not allowed to eat so I took up her food.

I asked could they come out and give her the nausea shot she needs and they said no---liability..  Later the phone rang and she said she was checking up on Katie.  I mentioned the ropes hanging off her mouth and all over.  I said the color is looking a bit brown now.  I said at this point she is so angry I will never get her into the carrier to get her shots and I would happily pay if someone would.

We spoke a few minutes and she said she knows where I am and used to live about 3 blocks down from me.  That must have changed Dr's mind as he allowed her to come out.  Pretty much any time as they closed at 6.  I have a fabulous Vet clinic to go that extra mile.

Katie will be invaded in her home for the first time but it is necessary.  Se is having 2 shots and getting her bottom cleaned.  She won't speak to me for months.

I am so sorry she went and is still going thru this.  But it's good she went as she had a log jam.  That can get bad.

Thought you'd like to know.

Mom Here

Kitties!  I had to take poor Katie to the v-e-t this morning at 1130 and she has to wait there in her PTU till 4 to be seen.  Either that or wait till tomorrow for an appointment at 4.  May as well see what is wrong today.

I thought yesterday she was over it.  She ate halfway decently, drank halfway decently, played great and was saucy and bright.  She slept with me but at 4 in the morning I heard horking sounds and she made two separate spots the size of a half dollar that looked like creamy foam.  She really wanted me up at the crack of dawn so I fed her.  She was interested till she started eating and then, she quit.  I did get her to drink half an hour later.

She loves her dry kibble, and loves her wet food.  The horrifyingly expensive $1.52 a can Royal Canin.  She eats Science Diet dry food for sensitive stomach and skin.  Three days ago, she got feeling not herself and not eating much at all.  But she did play, especially yesterday.  She brought us two mouses and the donkey last night to play with,

But I can't keep waiting to see if she "gets over it" after three days of concern.

She did give up a poo in the night or sometime after I cleaned her box at 7 yesterday.  I got two small pees and 1 normal poo.  But she just wouldn't eat breakfast.

So poor baby has to wait and wait till 4 PM (they said she had to come in at 1130 to get "in line" as the Vet is "slammed".  I believe it. It's Monday after other pet parents have worried about their babies.

Just saying'.  Wish us luck.